Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lone Star/North Star

If you drive north long enough, like we just did, you get a second shot at Spring. And there’s a lot to be said for déjà vu. It is beautiful all over again in Minneapolis as the trees blossom and paint the boulevards with pastels – and with smiles. Lovely.

At this latitude, the sunlight is softer. The temp this morning is in the mid-40’s. Clear. Crisp. Low humidity. Perfect for a brisk walk in a hoodie and Bermuda shorts. Cross-cultural, you say? In Austin, we would be wearing the national shirt of Texas, the Hawaiian, slightly faded.

Older neighborhoods like ours are blessed with sidewalks, the thoroughfare of childhood. Bicycles, skateboards, baby carriages and sneakers – you name it, we got it up and down the block. Grins. Good grins.

We are lucky to have homes in two cities that we love and enjoy. Leaving either place is always difficult. Family, friends and familiar routes tug at us.

That lasts until we cross the state line. It’s good to be home again.

Come see us.

1 comment:

Ken Martin said...

Well, dang, George, it's happened again. I meant to have lunch with you on this go-round in Austin. Oh, well, i'll shoot for winter when the snowbirds start heading south. Meanwhile, enjoy the cool weather.

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