Thursday, May 28, 2009

Minnesota morning

Damn it’s cold in Minneapolis this morning. Last week, we made it to the 90’s. This morning, we dipped to the 40’s.

I’m going to call my children to come get me.


Blog of Ages said...

Without missing a beat, the Mystery Woman's 88-year-old mother asked: "You think they would?"

The South Plainsman said...

Call Al Gore.

Temps in West Texas are in the high 70s in late May, rather than in the 100s.

Al will know where its warmer.

But you may not want to go there.

Ken Martin said...

Quit your bitching, George, you could've stayed in Austin for the summer, you wimp. ;-) Our five-day forecast predicts low nineties every day, with lows in the mid-sixties.

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