Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pickles -- on journalism

Yes. I am a cartoon junky. Isn't everyone? For years, I accepted my
responsibility as a reader to take in every single cartoon on the
newspaper¹s comics page. If the artists were going to work that hard to
entertain me, I would honor their work.

Not so much so with today's comics. Too raunchy for a family newspaper (and
I'm pretty randy myself). In my view, few cartoonists handle a harpoon as
well and as clean as Brian Crane in "Pickles".

This guy understands the aging process ­ plus, he understands aging in
relation to the world around us. Always with humor.



Ross said...

Here's the permanent link for this panel:

Anonymous said...

A year ago, I made certain I didn't miss any of my favorite comics, so I
subscribed to,, and (I think those are the right names). Even get all my favorite editorial
cartoonists. Love it! Sharon

Anonymous said...

I miss Al Capp and Walt Kelly's Pogo would be just as at home in the swamp that is today's D.C. Regarding Mr. Capp, I guess we have learned that what is good for General Bullmoose is not necessarily good for the USA.

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