Friday, May 29, 2009

Pull up a chair

Like most people, I have a fondness for sunup and sunset -- and for the special light that shines up the world at both ends of the day. Our primordial feelings probably go all the way back to the caves when the changing light re-wrote the rules of safety every day.

As I sit sentinel from the front porch, I feel like a co-conspirator with the sun. The changing light continues to fetch up feelings that long ago I quit trying to understand – and now just enjoy.

The dusk gently reminds us who controls the night. And from the primeval forest across the street, the cottonwoods launch fuzzy, feathery things that float gently on the air currents looking for fertile ground below. Watch them catch the thermals rising from the still-warm sidewalk. Ohh.

In the first light of morning, the animals take charge. Birds, mostly, announcing a positive take on another day. The biggest wild critter on the block is the rabbit, if you don't count the mailman. Urban rabbits have developed two personalities -- at the same time both fearless and tenuous. Truth is, as long as the Mississippi rolls through the Cities, so will the rabbits. They rule the Spring gardens.

At last, I am beginning to understand the sweet pleasures in the invitation: “come sit a spell.”

I love this porch.


The South Plainsman said...

Yes, indeed. My favorite spot is on the back patio, which is covered by a cedar arbor. There are lots of flowers growing in the beds, and there is always something to "piddle" with, just to keep them blooming.

There is also my puppy dog, who patrols the exterior fence religiously, stalking birds, bees, butterflies and squirrels. There is an occasional stop by my chair for a little petting.

The hours before dark are the best of the day.

Anonymous said...

Phenix, you are such a wuss.

Ken Martin said...

George, pay no attention to Anonymous, you're no wuss, you're just turning into a poet in your so-called Golden Years. Nothing wrong with that.

Blog of Ages said...

If I knew who Anonymous was, I would introduce him to Krav Maga.

Kidding, just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely today, George. Thank you. -- Denise

Anonymous said...

A son has a garden Evanston...the rabbits attacked his carrots, peas and other promises of fresh vegetables. He is now in the capturing and displacing to other parts these cute little destructive creatures. Also the squirrels. I have another opossum under our house who manages to come inside and eat catfood/ Another fearless capture attempt here too. Bill

The South Plainsman said...

Bill, our neighborhood was overrun by rabbits until a couple of families of red foxes moved in.

Now we are down to one family of foxes and no rabbits. Neighbors feed the foxes to keep them around. There are 5 pups in the den this Spring.

Too bad the foxes can't climb trees.

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