Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodwill, Prada and Pucci

First reaction to the news is usually a giggle. Then a thoughtful pause. We’re talking about the Jitterbug J mobile phone going one more step toward modern. For a small fee, the geezer phone’s new feature will allow unlimited calls to a live registered nurse 24/7. The manufacturer is also planning new services like reminder calls when it’s time to take your medicine.

“It’s not a series until the Magic wins another game.” Charles Barkley.

Sign of the Times: Goodwill stores are courting high-end spelunkers with smart marketing using “boutique” stores, Twitter, online auctions and, gasp, fashion shows. Sales are up 7.1 percent. Still, it’s jarring to discover a Prada bag priced at $200 or a Pucci shirt at $800. Goodwill reminds us that 84 percent of earnings go into job training for the disabled. And they still cater to low-income customers, too.

If your grandchild stands somewhere between 36 and 50 inches tall – and you are stuck with the little bugger for the day – you might want to explore Smaland at Ikea. If you time it right, you get free babysitting, cheap food and wireless. The rest stop for adults seems to be working. Ikea eked out a small profit this January while competitors were tanking.

“The best way to get a hamster is to first ask for a pony.” Bill Keane, Family Circus.

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