Friday, June 12, 2009

Sarah Palin counter-punching

Of course David Letterman crossed the line. Of course he was wrong to make that kind of joke, no matter which Palin daughter he intended to malign. And he will pay. And he does owe America’s women an apology.

I believe him when he says he was talking about the 18-year-old, not the 14-year-old. But that still does not make it right.

I also believe the Palins like the fight a little too much. There is a disconnect. Look at the smirk on her face as she relishes returning to the national spotlight. Take the time to deconstruct Sarah Palin’s statements.

“Statutory rape. Keep daughter away from Letterman.“

Obfuscation, obfuscation, obfuscation. She even attempts to politicize the event. All of which is unnecessary. Letterman’s words are bad enough.

Sarah Palin is incapable of straight talk. On purpose? Or something else?

One of the main stumbling blocks to truth is the concealment of ignorance by the ostentation of seeming wisdom – Roger Bacon, 1210-1293.


Anonymous said...

The words...the sentences...the jokes, insults, ravings are building up. Letterman must be a goofus for thinking those things were funny....even if she is a Palin. And you hit the other nail...the Palin's play on anything that gives them publicity. Like taking the daughter around to talk shows...
Oh deliver us from her running for the Repub nomination. Bill

The South Plainsman said...

Poor old Sarah can't even defend herself from an idiot without censure.

Is this "hope and change?"

Blog of Ages said...

Palin has bigger problems than David Letterman. Republicans are trying to help her get organized but they report she has boxes of unopened mail and stacks of unreturned phone calls. She doesn't seem to realize she needs help and even the GOP is tiring of her. That's her larger problem.

Anonymous said...

Outside of this present controversy, I personally find Letterman sorta creepy. Samantha

The South Plainsman said...

George, what does mail have to do with this?

What position did you take when Clayton Williams made his joke about rape?

Sarah Palin doesn't have a chance to be the nominee, unless, of course, the liberals make her an icon, or something.

Ken Martin said...

Minor detail, George: for those of us who don't watch Letterman and keep up with these things, it would be helpful if you'd provide the original context to your criticism. That said, after looking up what Letterman said, I agree he definitely owes an apology.

Blog of Ages said...

The mail question goes to her lack of organization and her larger problems with GOP heavy-weights.

Blogs weren't invented when Claytie had his sexual melt-down and I wasn't writing for any publication -- but if I recall, I thought he was dead wrong in his remarks.

Keep buying lipstick for your pitbull. The liberals couldn't possibly undo her as much as she does herself shooting off her mouth

Anonymous said...

Letterman is an equal opportunity insulter...besides the Palin daughter,in one evening he took shots at A-Rod and Spitzer. What's next, calling Governor Goodhair an idiot for wanting to secede?

Anonymous said...

We've got Demo Senators trying to put an unqualified lady in the Supreme Court and this is far more difficult to swallow than anything Letterman OR Palin could say or do.
Where did this self agrandizing judge get her law degree,Walmart?
She has obviously not bothered in acquiring a copy of the Constitution. If there is one point both Dems and Reps should be able to agree on is the fact that this lady doesn't qualify to sit as judge to the municipal court of Idalou.
Get real. ---Goose

Anonymous said...

Sorry, ole Buddy, but in this case, there is NO defense of Letterman, no matter who the subject was. Your only nuetral reader!

Blog of Ages said...

Go back and read again what I wrote. In no way am I defending Letterman. I am, however, saying that Palin has been keeping the story alive for days. More for political reasons, I suspect, than parental. After all, Palin trotted out her pregnant daughter on the world stage in the first place.

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