Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The treehugger's secret

Up here at latitude 44.88611111, the porch is back in season. Even regular people have been puzzled by the Minneapolis weather lately. We’ve been running more than 20 degrees cooler that normal for this time of year. That’s a little too cool for mornings on the porch.

But the sun is winning. It always does.

So the Mystery Woman and I have settled once again in the rattan furniture on the screened front porch where we watch the daily world just happen.

For weeks, we have witnessed the oak fuzzies as they float through the neighborhood, cruising for sex. One local TV station referred to the annual show as a cottonwood storm. Could be. When they finally come to ground, the floaters pile up like little snow drifts.

The pheromone level is dangerously high, nearing red-line. In his weekly radio show, Garrison Keillor said the stuff in the air makes everybody want to hug a tree. Or a very tall woman.

Nudge, nudge, wink. Wink.


Blog of Ages said...

Don't even get started about global warming. The cool weather is but a snapshot. Global warming is a trend that takes decades.

I wish you would listen to me.

The South Plainsman said...

Check out the temps in the 1300s when they were growing grapes and making wine in Scotland.

Give the Mystery Woman a hug for me. That's better than a tree.

Anonymous said...

Watching a ball game recently from the north zone I noticed those fluffy things floating through the air. Now I know. When I had my first game in Chicago with the Sox it was snowed out. I looked up and made the comment that there was soot in the air, bundled in hat, gloves and heavy coat. Ah baseball season. Bill

Anonymous said...

You talk about it being to cold to sit on your porch early in the morning. Well you should be back in Texas. We have had three days over 100 degrees. At 7:00 in the morning it is 89 to 91 degrees. I would trade with you in a minute.


Anonymous said...

O.K. I won't say anything about global warming.That's from fantasy land anyway.Just another of big Al's inventions.
I've heard every day about the cool weather you're having. It suounds good to me after the last several days of Texas heat,and more on the way.Now you can enter on the line about the realty of global warming______. There;happy now?
Now! All kidding aside. When are you Obama people going to admit that electing him was a grievious error? After all of his speeches, there is no way he can be classified as a 'fair' President ,much less one with even a minimum of United States patriotism.----Goose

Blog of Ages said...

Goose, you need to know that some asshole is blathering nonsense on my blog and using your name.


Anonymous said...

Goose sounds like he's got it all together if he upsets you. Define 'nonsense' then answer the question.---alias Goose

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