Saturday, July 25, 2009


The recession caused lots of construction-site dumpsters to sit around, unloved and unused. But leave it to New Yorkers to come up with a novel use for the empties. Turn them into swimming pools and rent ‘em out. Start with a relatively clean dumpster, grind away any rough edges, put sand in the bottom, line with sheets of plastic, fill with water, build a deck and you’re in the swim. Gives a whole new dimension to dumpster diving.

Every second of every hour, some 60,000 plastic bags are dispensed in the U.S. They never rot in the landfills.

Amazon stats show only 10% of their customers who buy jazz CDs also buy classical music. Apparently not many of us go both ways. Oh, stop it.

In the mists of history, our early gods were quirky gods. A thunder god, for example, would get his/her panties in a wad if the people combed their hair during a storm. Book tout: read “The Evolution of God.” It is provocative and controversial without yelling at you. Were I forced to choose, I would pick polytheism over monotheism. Better odds at hitting a winner.


The South Plainsman said...

Amazing the ingennuity to use the dumpsters that way.

We really need for American ingenuity to develop new things to help our economy start growing again.

My puppy dog is scred to death of thunder. She also is afraid of big trucks. And even though she is a hunting breed, a gunshot would send her hiding quite rapidly.

Perhaps having one God that handles it all is preferable to a dozen or two.

If you have more, what if you mistake one noise for another?

Crytal Dragon said...
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