Monday, July 27, 2009

Cash for guns, sex and clunkers

If you qualify for the Cash for Clunkers program, knock $4,500 off the price you pay for a new vehicle. Hmmm. That just about covers the depreciation that occurs the minute you drive the new car off the lot.

There are tender signs that the economy is rebounding. The stock market it up. Housing sales are up. But appraisal rules are tougher and loans are harder to get. This week, earnings reports come in. And unemployment still lags. Don’t get happy yet.

This will be my first winter in Minnesota. Firewood is already on sale. It’s still July and already I’m getting hints about how to walk on ice and snow. From the mail man. And advice about what kind of snow shovel to buy. Everybody says size matters.

For a guy who preened all over TV talk shows recently, Dick Cheney has fallen strangely quiet. Some men have trouble with retirement. Like a lot of old guys his age, Cheney was just trying to prove he is still sponge-worthy.

A Remington .41 caliber Double Derringer that once belonged to John Dillinger sold at auction for $95,000. Isn’t that a little twisted? To bestow such wealth on a gangster’s weapon? Rather than a cop’s? Gun nuts.


Ken Martin said...

George, get serious. With your history of heart conditions, the last thing you need is to be shoveling snow. Hire a neighbor kid and pay him well. It'll probably save your life.

Speaking of John Dillinger, the recent movie "Public Enemies" about him was pretty mundane. Johnny Depp is always watchable, but overall it was a pretty weak movie.

If you want to see guns owned by cops, go to the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco.

Anonymous said...

A Texan and a Minnesota winter?

Blog of Ages said...

Are you guys trying to say my shovel is too big?

Anonymous said...

I'm sayin' your shovel ain't big enough.
Come home!

Anonymous said...

Found you at Time Goes By -

Just had to send you this link before you experience your first Minnesota winter.

The South Plainsman said...

George, you are going to freeze your buns off.

Take care of the Mystery Woman and her Mom, but take care of yourself as well. Stay in and stay warm. Cold is not good for geezers that aren't used to it.

And look for it to be cold. Al's global warming business isn't turning out.

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