Friday, July 31, 2009

The Real Huffington Post

Yowza. I coaxed my aging legs to give me five miles on the bicycle.

Five miles? I’m celebrating five miles? Yep. And I’ll be happy if I make it to ten miles by the end of summer. Too much surgery for long hauls.

Five miles doesn’t qualify me to ride as a domestique for Lance Armstrong anywhere except in my fantasy. But I hurt just as though it did. My legs burned. My pacemaker hummed. Twice, I had to find a park bench in the shade. Thumpa, thumpa. Strangers fretted. Lassie ran for help.

Worth it? Damned straight. I need that bike.

The payback is immediate and lasts all day. Even into the night. Immediately, my head is cleared. All that blood rushing to my brain. Admittedly, my legs are jello at first. But gradually, I notice more spring in my step. The energy refreshes my aging frame. Even my knees don’t pop so loud. I sleep better at night.

The doctors are right about exercise. Do some.

Always, carry your cell phone and memorize the number for 911.

PS: Watch for me on a road near you -- and get the hell outta the way.
I'm still wobbly.


Ken Martin said...

Good for you, George. Cycling's a blast and in no time at all you'll no longer be wobbly.

My bicycle's getting dusty because I got back into running (always my first love) 10 weeks ago. Went to a podiatrist first and found out my feet have serious structural defects, then to a pedorthist who specializes in helping runners (works out of RunTex) to have orthotics made.

Best thing I've ever done for my feet. I've lost 10 pounds and feel stronger, since I end the runs with crunches, pushups and pullups. By xmas I'll be 70 and it sure feels good to be "reeling in the years." When it cools off I hope to be ready to run a 5K.

When in doubt, ride your bicycle.

Anonymous said...

I am more concerned with someone running over you than your falling...although that is a possibility too. So keep the traffic away and have a nice ride. Bill

Blog of Ages said...

Minneapolis is the second-most bicycle friendly city in the U.S. and up here I can make most of the ride on a paved bike path through Minnehaha Park. I do have to ride six blocks through the neighborhood to get there but there's only light auto traffic.

Soon, I'll have buns of steel. Again!

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhh. I remember buns of steel!!!
Seriously, love that bike!!
You go. Good for you.

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