Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sara Palin -- acappella

Question: when she becomes a former governor, do we call her "her former honor?"

Sarah Palin – unplugged. No longer fettered by the weight of office, she can be free to speak her mind. Take notes because this is going to be a fun trip.

Friday she said: “it’s best for Alaska." By Sunday, she shifted to: “it’s about country.”

You've heard her twisted logic all weekend. Sarah Palin makes no sense, but she stirs up excellent political marinade. Cable news shows absolutely bathe in it.

The initial reaction on cable news shows was priceless as talking heads scratched for traction. CNN’s resident buffoon, Rich Sanchez, wondered if the governor might be pregnant.

On MSNBC, veteran Andrea Mitchell talked with people close to Palin and reported within the hour that the governor was serious about hanging up her political cleats. Getting out of politics. A word of caution: what may be true with Palin on Friday may not be true by Monday. At best, Palin has a fluid relationship with the truth.

Yes, Sarah has not yet left the building, but a national spokesperson? Who are we kidding? OK, like Gen. Edwin Walker maybe. Or J. Evetts Haley. Eventually, the heft of her own words will cause her to self-destruct.

But she will live forever as titular head of the ignorati.


The South Plainsman said...

I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't disappear for a while. Dunno if she will come back. Dunno if she should.

See my thoughts over at my blog:

Escaped Waco Alive said...

If Republicans consider Palin the future of their party, they can consider their party a soon-to-be relic of the past. I'm sure wiser heads will eventually prevail and keep her off the national stage even if she decides to crawl back on it.

Ken Martin said...

Article today in the Austin American-Statesman quoted one of her political advisors to the effect Palin just couldn't take the heat she's getting while governor and can make big bucks ($60,000 per appearance) on the speaking circuit. She owes $500,000 in legal fees (didn't say what for) and has a book deal in the works for an undisclosed amount. Less heat, more money, sweet deal...till she self-destructs.

The South Plainsman said...

Well, I am an independent now after being both a Democrat and a Republican, each for about half of my adult life.

From my 50 years of experience of very active politics, I can say that Palin was certainly not qualified to be President, or even Vice President.

But, then, I didn't think Obama was qualified, either.

Now, both of them have proved it beyond a doubt.

Anonymous said...

I think what scares most on the Left about Palin is that she excites people on a similar level that Obama does. And in our current political climate where celebrity trumps qualifications, she can be (and will be I predict) a huge player in the future of the GOP, if for no other purpose than star/sex appeal and the ability to draw crowds and raise money. Obama capitalized on a massive amount of young voters who know little to nothing about politics or the consequences of radical Leftist legislation. Not sure if Palin can steal any of that youth vote but it will be interesting to see who she brings on board, especially with so many independents now realizing just who Obama is and what a disaster of a President he is becoming. His foreign policy is soft and mushy (the man has no identifiable backbone!) and his economic Pelosi platform is going to bankrupt our country.

Anonymous said...

After 6 monthsI can say that Oboma is as pathetic as we true patriots thought he would be.
I want George back!--Goose

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