Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dial one for English

Keeping score on baseball hat sales? Yankees caps outsell all others three to one. Most complex logo – Florida Marlins with 10,966 stitches compared to 2,688 stitches for the interlocking NY. At the factory, they churn out 72,000 caps a week, about seven a minute. I have a collection.

It didn’t work -- translating some of the English lyrics in “West Side Story” into Spanish for greater authenticity. Broadway audiences were getting the general idea but were not getting hammered with emotions because not enough understood Spanish. Hmmm. Maybe we no longer need “press one for English.”

If you are bored with ketchup-and-mustard American hot dogs, buy your next one from hotdogueros who sells Sonoran-style hot dogs. It is wrapped like a candy-cane with bacon and griddled until dog and bacon become one – then garnished with taco-truck condiments and stuffed into split-top rolls that are a cross between Mexican bolillo loaves and regular grocery store buns. The best.

We’re talking about single ingredient peanut butter. You know, just peanuts and salt. Try it with oatmeal. Also stewed lentils an vegetables with curry powder. Stuffed jalapenos? For more, click here.

The dot over an "i" is called a tittle. Two tittles make an umlaut but that doesn't sound like much fun.

1 comment:

The South Plainsman said...

Hablo un poquito Espanol.

It really pisses me off to have to press 1.

My daughter is fluent in Spanish.

West Side Story was about Puerto Ricans, but was written to entertain those with the bucks to pay for it.

Those sound like fabulous hotdogs. Maybe add a few jalapenos to go with it?

You can't beat peanut butter and jelly....any kind of jelly, but I prefer grape or strawberry. Carried a sandwich to scool just about every day while in grade school.(except when I got spam or sliced meatloaf). Mix a bit of a banana up with the PB, and you don't need the jelly.

Too fattening to eat now, but I sneak one occasionally anyway.

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