Friday, August 21, 2009

Join the push for health care reform

Fair warning: I’m getting out of sorts.

All this lying and posturing about health care reform is making me cranky. The GOP fear mongering, the insurance industry mis-information, the absurdity of letting 18,000 Americans die every year with no health insurance – it makes my heart heavy.

Yesterday, I joined up with the rabble on our side. A group of elder bloggers locked arms in support of health care reform. Most of us favor the public option. Most of us want the Democrats to go it alone if they have to.

It felt good to push back. Just bare hands and a keyboard.
No guns. No spittle.

Make your voice heard. Go to the Obama site on health care reform and show your support by signing up. Click here.

It’s a small step. But it will make you feel better.


The South Plainsman said...


That's the way to fight. Let your feelings be known.

No ACORN, no Black Panthers, no SEIU thugs, just ordinary folks expressing their opinions.

No militias, no guns, just folks.

The American way. A debate, not a war.

Anonymous said...

My wife took some info by Congressman Mike Conaway's office, as requested by Pres. Obama, and asked for his support for the health care plan. She talked to local secretary, Nancy, who said "did you know the Republicans have a health care plan too, you just don't hear about it." She asked Nancy to send it to her. After a week of not receiving it, my wife called Nancy yesterday to see why I had not received it and Nancy said she lost my wife's information. So yesterday she received this email with this attachment, which is just some basic talking points.

Here is a small sample about the current proposed plan by Democrats with the note: "Attached is information that we are using at the multiple town halls Mike has been having all across District 11."

"Abolishes the private market for individual health insurance, and makes it illegal to buy individual coverage not approved by federal bureaucrats."

At the end of the handout are the "Republican Solutions" consisting of 95 words leaving most of the onus on the states. --Ira

The South Plainsman said...

Here is one Republican alternative. The media doesn't seem interested in any of them, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

S.P. I can't speak for the media, but if I can't get a copy of the Republican Health Plan from my elected representative (Republican)then what is his real job?

And maybe if the far right Republicans weren't so busy scaring everyone with Death Panels and rants about socialism, communism and the like, then maybe, just maybe I may have heard about the plan you mention (which I will read) and other plans from the minority party.

Besides, if I got something from the media it would be slanted because the mainstream media (including Fox News)isn't all that objective.

So, if I want something from the Republican side I go to the source that is the elected official who is supposed to serve me.

What do I get?
Nothing really.
Less than nothing, actually.
Lies, half-truths and red herrings.

The South Plainsman said...

Ira, you can get it just like I did.

Do a search through Google.

Pretty simple.

I can't get anything from my Republican Congressman either. I voted Libertarian for Congress last election

They are all incompetant....on both sides.

Probably corrupt as well.

Its as Will Rogers said: "The only native criminal class in America is Congress."

Anonymous said...

S.P. Lordy mercy. I'm in complete agreement. What's the world coming to? If this can happen, things just must be getting better... --Ira

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