Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No guns at political meetings

There is no reason to bring a pistol to a Town Hall meeting. There is no reason to bring an assault rifle to a Town Hall meeting.

Here are the reasons why not to bring a gun to a political meeting, especially a meeting where the President of the United States is in attendance:

Abraham Lincoln.

James Garfield.

William McKinley.

Theodore Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Harry Truman.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Gerald Ford.

Ronald Reagan.

These American presidents were either shot at or killed while serving in office. One nut. One bullet.

It only takes one.


The South Plainsman said...

You are absolutely right. I fully support the right of individuals to possess and cary arms.

I would also insist that carrying arms to a political meetings is totally irresponsible.

I do not think that the Second Amendment would protect the possession of firearms at political meetings.

Some of those folks that are doing so are obviously making a point.

It is still irresponsible.

I did note that the guy carrying the AR-15 outside Obama's meeting was an African American, and that the Secret Service said they knew he was there and they were not worried about him.

He was certainly not a redneck, wildeyed conservative nut.

Wonder what and who he actually was?

It was still stupid and irresponsible.

The South Plainsman said...

The White House has gotten into the discussion according to the Washington Post.

They back the right to carry arms outside Obama events.


Jeff Hebert said...

OK, I'm going to be contrarian here and actually say that I understand where the two guys in question are coming from.

First, they weren't actually in the Town Hall meeting, they were outside the "event location" that is secured by the Secret Service. It's not like they were in the audience ready to ask a question.

Second, the Second Amendment is part of the Constitution. The states where these guys were had laws on the books allowing them to bear arms, and they were within their legal rights to do so. As I understand it, that's the main reason they did it, to make the point that it's not illegal to carry firearms.

Now, I would agree that it's probably not the best idea to come armed to a political meeting where tempers are likely to flare, but I do support the basic right to own and carry firearms.

Blog of Ages said...

These public events were about health care, not the right to bear arms.

When you bring a loaded weapon to an open forum, that damn sure stifles dissent.

Jeff Hebert said...

I don't think it really matters what the town hall was "about". People come to these things to have their say (at least, outside the venue, where these guys were) on all kinds of things.

Bottom line, I agree it's unwise to come armed to political functions, but it's not illegal. I think establishing the fact that law enforcement can't just ignore the laws they don't like is a good thing to do.

Given the choice between Bush-era "keep anyone out who might be a Democrat and arrest people based on their t-shirts" and respecting the second amendment, I'll take the latter. The law is the law, and it applies to the police, the President, and you and me equally, even when it makes any of the above uncomfortable.

Jeff Hebert said...

And to reiterate, the Secret Service has the legal and professional responsibility to make sure weapons aren't brought into the actual venue where the event (and the President) are located. That's both legal and smart.

But again, these two guys were OUTSIDE the venue, and their right to be there, armed, was confirmed by the SS. Unwise, yes, but legal and defensible on those grounds.

Who knew a Democrat could support gun rights!

Blog of Ages said...

I didn't say it was illegal. I do say it is stupid -- and wrong.

Guns and politics do not mix.
Guns and passion do not mix.
Guns and idiots do not mix.

Bringing a gun to a public debate stifles free speech.

Blog of Ages said...


SP agrees with me.
Jeff doesn't.

It's a world gone mad.

The South Plainsman said...

I noted that. lol

I discovered 40 years ago that carrying a gun just because you could is not really the thing to do.

That occurred to me the night I got shot at twice because I was somewhere I wouldn't have been had I not been carrying.

Have not carried on my person since.

There are good reasons to carry sometimes, but a peaceful political event is not one of them. Leave the damn thing in the car.

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