Monday, August 24, 2009

Nonsense for fun an profit

Uh-oh. In 2005, there was one geriatric specialist for every 5,000 people over 65. By 2030, the ratio is expected to tilt even more to one knowledgeable doctor for every 8,000 patients. Save your liniment; you’ll need it.

There’s a new molecule in town, a germ-fighter. The gunslinger goes by the name of silver dihydrogen citrate. Claims are the all-purpose germ killer tricks hungry germs into thinking citrate is food only to be ambushed by microscopic particles of ionized silver. Are you following all this? There is historical precedent. The hygienic upper crust Greeks always drank from a silver chalice. Clink.

You may know that Mr. Bojangles was a popular black dancer named Bill Robinson. But you might not know he was an avid Yankees fan who often performed gratis at games by tap dancing atop the home team dugout. He could run the bases backwards as fast as many player could run forward. Try that, Ginger Rogers.

In California, they have a car show for the wrong side of the tracks. Owners compete for Worst in Show, get the picture? One 1967 VW Squareback always draws lots of looks driving the freeways – probably because of the coffee cup glued to its roof.


The South Plainsman said...

Good work, L. M.

Oops! He's gone.

There is an imposter in the house!

The South Plainsman said...

Oh, and one other thing about the geriatric physicians: there is a lot less money in that than in being a specialist in something else because of Medicare mandated fee schedules.

Private insurance negotiates with the docs over fees.

Government, in its inimitable way, just decides what will be paid. Take it or leave it.

The docs aren't taking it.

A good way to ration health care, I guess.

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