Sunday, August 9, 2009

One for my baby ...

Hey. This is getting to be fun. And poignant. And revealing. How do you spell insightful?

I’m talking about contributions to the book we all need to write on aging. Take a look at yesterday’s post (below). Scroll down to comments. A handful of people have responded. Different strokes and I identify with every one of them. Take a look. You will too.

Now sit down and write something about the aging process. Or the youth process. Anything: love, family, finances, fender skirts. You get the picture. Keep it to 250 words or less. Have fun.

If we get enough entries, we’ll try to get a book published.

So, set ‘em up, Joe.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Re:the aging process, I can be both for it and against it at any given time...given, for example, that arthritis comes and goes in different joints at different times. So what starts out as a lousy day in which it's even difficult to turn the pages of the newspaper can, by day's end, wind up with normal shuffling and dealing of bridge hands.

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