Monday, August 3, 2009

One lump, or two?

Are sweets addictive? Ask a rat. In a recent study, 40 of 43 rats picked sugar over cocaine after trying both. Could have been just the munchies.

Here’s the question: if we continue to give old folks such things as transplants, Medicare and pacemakers – shouldn’t they reciprocate with gifts of wisdom, inheritances, and old Buicks with low mileage?

On an average weekday, unemployed Americans sleep an hour longer than their working brethren. They straighten up the house, work in the yard and do laundry twice as much as the employed. File this under Duh.

Cash for Clunkers delivered a jolt to the economy in only six days. Could it be because the money directly benefits the consumer rather than the bailouts that enrich the bankers and the bandits on Wall Street?
Just asking.

Do you like seafood? Fresh. Wild. Only half are. The other half are farmed. Worldwide.


The South Plainsman said...

Love sweets. My wife is addicted to them. Of course, she is diabetic.

They won't continue to give old folks any of those non cost effective remedies. Been wondering how you will feel when you next need your device replaced, and they determine that it is not cost effective.

We are about to have a real problem as unemployment compensation runs out for millions.

If they has just given every man, woman and child their share of the $787 Billion stimulus, it would have stimulated. Instead, they paid off special interests by funding things that weren't needed, like Harry Reid's bullet train from LA to Las Vegas.

Enjoy bluefin tuna wheile you can. The Japanese are catching them all for sushi.

ArchGrafiX said...

All the world's fisheries are going away...overfishing by more and more countries with more efficient techniques, overharvesting the smaller prey fish and polluting the habitat are all contributing factors. The fishermen and women are catching themselves out of work and livelihood. I heard just the other day that U.S. east coast cod are at 10% of what a sustainable population should be. The world should harvest but not annihilate.

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