Thursday, August 13, 2009

The porch perspective

This is where the troubles began.

It's our screened porch in Minneapolis where I hunt and peck this blog most days. Rain or shine. From here, if I am lucky, I can sometimes recognize a good perspective on our world. Usually hiding in plain sight.

Regular visitors will note the fresh paint. The Mystery Woman repainted the old wicker furniture this season. Last summer, she recovered the cushions. Before we ran out of beer, I managed to stain the deck. C'mon, that's not the way I meant it. We are very formal.

Summers are quick in Minnesota. The flowers are playful. Fun and wondrous. How did they ever survive that first winter up here? Tender green shoots. Tiny little seeds.

They must have survived the same way we do -- somebody loved them. And took care of them. Every springtime, they return the gift.

It's nearly always springtime out on our porch. Come see us.


sph said...

I think your perspective reflects the roots you too have established on that porch.

Looking forward to your winter posts.

If only we could be outside, 3 pm and 102.7 in the shade in central Texas.

Anonymous said...

I would love to sit out on the porch and observe the passing parade, but at 104 degrees here in Awe-stun, Taxes sitting on the porch is not an option.

Blog of Ages said...

I didn't want to say anything but that photo was taken last month and I'm wearing a sweat shirt.

Dottie said...

Your invitation to come see you is very tempting. I will never spend another 100+ summer in Austin again. I need all the invitations I can get for 2010. Copper Mtn. Colo. is on my list. Now Minn. see you in 2010 Dottie

Escaped Waco Alive said...

I need me one of them Mystery Women with a great house and porch like that so I can spend summers up there in Minnie Soda.

But then my wife would want her own Mystery Man in Wes Pecanson or Minnie Soda.

Guess I'd better leave well enough alone and get used to increasingly tortuous summers (climate change is here to stay) down here in H-Town. (The sports chat shows here love to call Houston H-Town; so do I, but the "H," well it don't stand for "Houston.")

The South Plainsman said...

Think how cold it would be up there without global warming. Its after 7 here and still well above 90.

I like the looks of that porch.

If Obama leaves me any money, maybe I will come up for the summer next year.

Get me some hugs from the Mystery Woman.


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