Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Smoke, mirrors and lobby money

Opponents to the national health plan would have you believe yesterday’s town hall outbursts were spontaneous.

I call B.S.

The events were fueled by a high-paid corporate lobbyist and former GOP congressman from Texas – Dick Armey. A guy in his office wrote and spread around a hate-filled memo on how to take over town hall meetings.

Think about that.

A fat-cat corporate lobbyist is choreographing ways to shut down public discussion of a vital piece of legislation. He is getting paid to disrupt democracy – paid by the health industry, by the drug companies and by the rich insurance companies. That much we know. Lord knows what else they have done to foment such high drama.

This is manipulation, pure and simple. Scare tactics. Disgraceful. Calloused. And a genuine assault on free speech. This does not lead us to a better place.

The mob shouts down anyone brave enough to disagree. “Sit down,” they shout. “Shut up,” they yell. Are jackboots next?

If conservatives insist this mayhem is righteous anger, then walk away from the lobby money. The staged theatrics taint your credibility, undercut your arguments, and make your protests suspect.

This is not democracy. Disavow Dick Armey.


The South Plainsman said...

Now let me see....

One memo about one protest, and all of a sudden all of them are coordinated.

Just not true. But, even if true, where was the outrage when George Soros and MoveOn.org was doing it?

Liberals just can't stand the heat.

Blog of Ages said...

OK, OK. I'll try to understand. Explain to me again about Obama's birth certificate...

Ken Martin said...

Is this another instance of "grass-roots" groups that are not? I don't know.

What I do know is Lloyd Doggett is a well-spoken, intelligent and courteous man who does well in the give-and-take of public discourse ... if allowed to speak. He has been to our house for a big gathering for my wife's birthday party, where he and wife Libby stood for hours talking and listening to his constituents. I'm proud he's my U.S. Representative.

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