Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Town hall disruption -- edge of the abyss

There’s going to be a killing.

I hope I’m wrong but if these town hall meetings don’t cool down, somebody is going to get shot, knifed or run over.

Already, some nut dropped a gun at a town hall meeting in Arizona.

Is this what you want? The question goes directly to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin where the evidence of hate speech is piling up.

--Beck says Obama is a racist.
--Limbaugh compares Obama to Hitler
--Palin says the Obama health bill creates death panels.

I won’t even get into Newt Gingrich playing cute with race-baiting code.

Is this what you want? The question goes to big pharma lobbyists and conservative organizations who admit to sending white hot magma over the Internet describing how to disrupt these town hall meetings. One paid hit man said his organization has sent how-to guidelines to over 750,000 email addresses. Another said 400,000 were on his list. In all 50 states, the manipulation roils on.

That’s the makings of a mob. A mostly white mob.

Obama lost White America 55 to 43 percent. And that white mob is being stirred into dangerous rants that have shut down town hall meetings all across the U.S. This is mob rule, not free speech.

A congressman is hung in effigy. Lynchings are the god-awful relics of a tragic period in American history. They are covertly, overtly, blatantly – racist.

Don’t give me the crap about left-wing disruptions in the past. More wrongs, whether two or twenty, don’t make this nasty plan right.

Conservative friends say this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Why? Is this what you want?

Someone on the right needs to exert some leadership. For America.


Anonymous said...

You’re on the mark, George. It will take some sane leadership from the right to stop all this. They won’t listen to any lefty who stands up and says it must stop.


The South Plainsman said...

The only injury so far in these protests at the town halls has been a black man named Gladney, a protester, who was beaten severely by a bunch of SEIU thugs (white) shouting racial epithets.

This occurred in St. Louis last week.

I have yet to hear a peep out of the left about that outrage.

If that kind of leadership from the left continues, there will be resistance.

What most of you leftists are missing is that these folks aren't right wing extremists. They are from the center as well.

I am hoping that both sides will calm down, and that violence will be avoided. But if the unions do the "in your face" opposition to the protesters, which was the encouraging word from the Whhite House, there will be violence.

It may be just like the Viet Nam era all over again. Maybe Obama can get his pals from the Weather Underground to advise him what to do to avoid that.

Anonymous said...

Protesters are being used, used, used, used. Trace back the funding for organizers and emails and find pharmaceutical companies. Wake up, fellow citizens, you're being manipulated.

The South Plainsman said...

Evidence, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Sadly I never thought I would live long enough to see a re-birth of the Brownshirts.

Blog of Ages said...


The involvement of big pharma lobbyist Dick Armey and his minions.

Anonymous said...

S.P. You wrote:
"I am hoping that both sides will calm down..."

But then you throw gasoline on the fire:
"Maybe Obama can get his pals from the Weather Underground..."

Prove Gladney was "severely beaten". I don't think so, not from the video clip I saw. Seems like he was pushed down and got up quickly. The next day he's on TV in a wheel chair begging for money.

Why, with no insurance, should he be protesting any plan to provide health insurance. I think he was paid for his performance beforehand.


The South Plainsman said...

You guys are drinking the Koolaid. LOL

The Brownshirts = ACORN.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn actually blew up things, planned them....etc.

And Obama is big pals with them.

He should expect the same in return, but nobody on the right is advocating violence.

All of that is coming from the left.

But violence begets violence, and it is time to stop it. How about a statement from Obama calling off the dogs?

Anonymous said...

When the people begin to realize that the Administration is shoving something down their throat,they are going to throw up all over the perpetrator.If Obama wasn't such a gigantic liar,our country would not be in such upheaval.
People are beginning to realize that they were totally fooled by Obama before the election.
Here is the only President ,EVER, that refused to prove his birthdate and place of birth.
There was only one person in the history of man who " was not born, had no mother or father,and did not die" His name, for those who are interested , is Melchizedek.
This is found in Genesis 14.
Obama has no excuse,except that he would lose a lot of face and the Presidency if it were found that he is not an American citizen. What's the big deal of him proving his American birth if he can.
The health thing has certainly turned the thoughts away from his citizenship. Is that what he wanted??
Again, blame most of the protest negative activity against people who are fed up with the uppity attitude of the legislators,as well as the union goons, the New Black Panthers,Acorn,and the libs that have forgotten what it's like to be an American.
To put it clearer, I agree with SouthPlainsman.---Goose

Blog of Ages said...

I hope you and the South Plainsman are happy together throughout eternity because your rabid, right-wing views are exactly what is causing the Republican Party to shrink away. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Our rabid right wing views are exactly what they should be. Because we don't subscribe to the
everyday Obama,Democratic,liberal viewpoint, we are less than a pinhead to the left.
Perhaps we should take a look at the Democratic Party and see where it's gone over the years. I used to be called a Democrat,but then I discovered that the Democratic party was moving to the socialist left, and I did not want to be a part of any group that yelled how they support the Constitution and then began to pick and choose what part of the Constitution they would support that particular day.
I wanted to be in a group that believed the fact that the Constitution is not a flexible,breathing,living piece of order.It's amazing how many of the libs take an oath to protect the Constitution while they have in hand,scisors to cut out the part that upsets them on any given day.
If in order to be a good little 'patriot' I have to go along with the order of the day,then I will go to the edge ,and stay a REAL patriot and believe in my God and Country.---Goose

Blog of Ages said...


There's never an epiphany around when you need one.

ian said...

Lies, damned lies and political statements...

I have no idea what is going on within the US with regard to health care reform and I am eternally grateful that I don't have to find out.

BUT - how can anyone be happy with a system
*that costs twice as much as most of the developed world,
*that leaves 47m (and rising) people uninsured,
*where costs associated with illness are the biggest cause of bankruptcy
*where, when compared with an insured white patient, black patients with equivalent injuries but without insurance had a 78 percent higher risk of dying; for uninsured Hispanics, the risk was 130 percent higher (Newsweek) and
*that puts the richest country in the world at 72nd in terms of the quality of health of its citizens?

Follow the money - who stands to gain from preserving such a state of affairs?

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