Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Words - new and used

American slang is always changing. There are now 2,500 words for “drunk.” Bartenders estimate the number will grow to 3,500. No, “George” is not on the list.

No joke. Incoming cell phone calls can turn on an oven’s electronic controls. Whoosh. Stand by your oven and dial your number. Cell phones can also interfere with baby monitors, computer speakers, car radios, and – my favorite – Pacemakers. Use my land line.

One measure of how much we need newspapers: during the first 10 years of the “The Tonight Show” Jay Leno relied on the press’s accuracy for more than 18,000 political jokes. Bill Clinton was the butt of nearly 4,000.

From ages 20 to 69, men suffer hearing loss at twice the rate of women. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

A reader writes: "Divorce -- future tense of marriage."


The South Plainsman said...

Hard to get drunk sipping white wine out on that porch.

Ken Martin said...

George, this is to report a slight error of fact.

Steve Allen hosted The Tonight Show when it began in 1954, according to http://www.johnnycarson.com/carson/history.jsp , so you must mean, during Leno's first ten years of hosting it.

Good move on not adding comment about hearing loss vis-a-vis the sexes.

Blog of Ages said...

You are correct. Thanks. Sloppy writing on my end.

JohnSBoles said...

Dr. McCoy - Dammit Scotty do something!

Mr. Scott - I've tried everything. What he needs now is a syndicator. He could save newspapers as we know them.

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