Monday, September 28, 2009

Mercy flight from Texas to Minnesota

We will be staying in Minneapolis this winter. The 89-year-old matriarch of our little troupe has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and, although Virginia loves to travel, there’s no point in putting her through the rigors of the long road trip back to Texas. Plus, she adores the medical personnel working at her clinic up here.

Word is out that this will be my first real winter – ever. The lady who lives next door to us seemed to take too much delight in reading out loud from the Farmer’s Almanac. Bitter cold is forecast this winter in Minneapolis, she chuckled over the fence. Bitter, bitter, bitter. Has anybody seen my L. L. Bean catalog?

Now that my sister ratted me out, I’m nearly famous in Llano County, Texas. She was getting ready to fly up for a visit and offered airlift a sack full of pork chops from Cooper’s BBQ in Llano. Sis emailed wondering if she would have enough suitcase capacity to bring the goodies on-board. My advice: when faced with a decision involving clothes or BBQ, fly naked. There, that will make a nice plaque for the wall.

The winner of the George Phenix look-alike contest is: Brett Favre.


Anonymous said...

Isn't one of the dangers of long-term over exposure to cold, delusional behavior and disorientation? Brett Favre? And we are only in late SEPTEMBER? Better join a gym that has a steam bath. Mike

Anonymous said...

Having had a few days over a period of years broadcasting Cowboy games in Minnesota I would say you will find the winter different than that in Texas. However I love the cold, mashing ice crystals in my nose, walking backwards against a vicious north wind, changing hands when carrying a case so my hand does not freeze into a fetal form. Ah...yes cold weather is an experience. I had deep snow in Idaho when waiting out my Navy enlistment, minus 35 in Green Bay for the famous Ice Bowl game. So note one can survive....challenging as it is.
Wish I could come visit. Bill

Anonymous said...

George, I am so sorry to hear about Virginia's Cancer. Our thoughts and prayers will be with her, Lynn Ellen and you. Cancer is a terrible thing to have to deal with.

We have not had a cold enough winter in so long I don't have any long johns to send you. But I will bet you don't set out on your porch each morning to have a cup of coffee and read the paper when it gets so cold.

Keep us all informed on things as they progress.

Raymond and Nancy

Paula said...

Here's a tip from a New Englander:
Buy long underwear now, while it's still in stock. In a few weeks, it'll be gone. Also, start wearing it as soon as you have the first hard frost. You'll probably wear it every day until the last frost of the season, so you'll want to have several pair in varying thicknesses and textures. I start wearing it before Halloween and pack it away sometime in May.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

George...Enjoyed your blog this morning on your upcoming winter in Minnesota. I spent three of them whilst in Military School in Faribault, about 50 miles south of the Twin Cities. If memory serves me, Harold Stassen, later to become sort of a joke in National politics, was governor in those days and one January he kept us waiting on the old parade ground in bitter cold an extra hour for a review of the troops But hell the winter can get pretty rough here too out on the high plains, can't it? We've got a little girl here now working as a Resident Assistant who just moved down from far northern Minnesota and she says she's had a small problem with culture shock to say nothing of the heat in Texas. All things considered I do believe though I'd rather put up with the vagaries of Texas weather than those in Minnesota. Stay warm my man! Luv yah. Dick Wheeler.

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