Saturday, October 24, 2009

Drop coming in gun sales?

In olden days, apple trees grew huge. Then scientist twiddlers grafted tall trees with dwarf trees in Europe, which put the fruit within reach, like grapevines. That’s good because doctors are about as tall as they are going to get. (Too obtuse? Hey, my job is to write this stuff. Your responsibility is to figure it out.)

After 20 years, 85 percent of American adults now prattle via cellphones. Seems like all the children, too. The gadgets caught on faster than cable TV and personal computers. Now, the cell phone is poised to be the portal for all things incoming electrical. And we are the worse for it. Tell that to the jerk on the phone at the table next to you. Or in the car in front of you. Or the numskull in the check-out line. Indeed, we are the worse for it.

“Durability of demand” is fancy talk from financial insiders who think they see a slowdown is sales of weapons. Too late. There are 300 million working firearms already in U.S circulation. Firearm factories are still running full tilt. Ammo is still in short supply and gun shows are usually still sold out. But insiders are seeing slowdown in sales and fret that backlogs are so big that two thirds of gun sales could disappear.
Repeat: too late.

Next month, I’ll turn 71. The Mystery Woman is 69. And her mom, Virginia who lives with us, is 89. Between us, we’ve met thirty new people (count ‘em, thirty) so far in October. All were medical personnel due to a flurry of tests (CT scan, PET scan, blood work, X-rays, colonoscopy, chemo, etc.) That prompted the Mystery Woman to dryly observe: “if it weren’t for doctor’s visits, we would have no social life at all.” But, as Humphrey might say to Ingrid, “We’ll always have Walgreen’s.”


Ken said...

Great stuff, George, especially the closing clincher. Rebecca and I like to say we have hot dates at Home Depot, and going to the grocery store together is a date, too. Happiness is what you make out of what you have to do, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You are the youngest 71 year old I ever knew. Mike

Blog of Ages said...

Everything I am, I owe to Peter Pan.


Anonymous said...

Yeah..that, good liquor, a good woman, and a settled soul! Mike

Anonymous said...

Never thought about short apple trees....
My old 22 cal. rifle won't work anymore...but I am saving it just to show I am a gun "lover"...not a hunter or killer.
I can understand Mystery Woman's lament....except for these geezers here at the home (the six we enjoy are younger than we)
the doctors have been our closest neighbors. But Ilene is better.
Ooooooh those cell phones...I have a new one...lost the old one which did nothing but phone calls. Now I think this one does other things like drive when I am sleepy.
Happy Birthday. Send some snow this way. Bill &Ilene

Anonymous said...

I still remember the woman in the check-out line, finishing her long conversation on a cell, who grew angry and indignant when I said, "Tell her we all said, 'Hi!'"

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