Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Four wheel drive AND granny gear

Only in Minnesota does a writer have warm memories of opening day one April at the old stadium “with two kids in their yellow slickers trying to keep their hot dogs dry as rain drops fell off the ends of the icicles that had formed on their hoods.” Historical note: they built a heated, warm, cozy, civilized domed stadium where the mustard runs and noses don’t but now they want an outdoor venue again. I don’t know why.

A snarky writer in the New Yorker says former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has been mistaken for ”the television weather lady in Minneapolis.” Obviously he has never laid eyes on Belinda Jensen, the All American Chief Meteorologist for KARE 11.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the first one-inch snowfall in the Twin Cities falls on Nov. 18. That’s on average. The earliest coverage (their word, not mine) is Sept. 26th. Latest, Jan. 9th. Light snow is predicted this weekend.

When does winter formally arrive? Do my children have time to come get me? Will they need chains?


Anonymous said...

George,George,George, it is obvious your eye sight is failing as your age advances. It is obvious Ambassador Albright and Ms.Jensen were separated at birth.

Anonymous said...

Having broadcast four seasons and American Assoc. all star game in old, gone, Met Stadium...and a football game in the dome...I prefer the open air....Loved Old Met...understand about the early season was meant for outdoors.
Speaking of it....hope you saw what in my opinion was one of if not the best baseball viewed last night. My friend Frank Boggs, award winning journalist, said it was better than a whole season of one team in the NFL. It was awesome. Interesting the difference of the appearance of the fans in Minn Dome and those in the Tampa Ray Dome.....I won't describe but totally different. I have always been a Twins supporter...since Tony Oliva played there...out of the DFW Rangers of Triple A. Stay warm. It is dreary, overcast, 60+ degrees here...but doubt we will have snow. Bill

Blog of Ages said...

Indeed. The dome was host this weekend to two of the best games of the year:

Vikings vs. Packers
Twins vs. Tigers

Exciting farewell dome tour.

Anonymous said...

I did see parts of the Favre-led Vikings....It used to be cold with them at Met Stadium...Blackie Sherrod and I walked over there from the hotel one day....then he wrote a column about listening to the wolves as they tracked us. It was funny. Bill

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