Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey Buddy, got a minute?

You probably know James Naismith invented the game of basketball. But did you know he foresaw the need for tall guys – and tried to do something about it? A minister as well as a doctor, Naismith conducted experiments on a machine he invented. He was actually trying to stretch babies. Maybe he got the idea from the Sheriff of Nottingham: “Stretch the rope tighter, Garth!”

Over the past 700 years, Robin Hood has been on the receiving end of image and status upgrades, writes Peter Applebome in the NYTimes. Most experts agree that Robin as woodland Marxist is mostly American spin. Note: when you Google “Obama” and “Robin Hood” you get about 945,000 hits. You’ll be surprised with results from a search for “Dick Cheney” and “Vlad the Impaler.”

Amazing. When Capt. Sully manhandled his plane filled with passengers onto a safe landing in the Hudson River, the first pictures of the event came to us via Twitter. Likewise last week when the first images of the balloon-sans-boy came in, it was via Twitter. In real time. Engineers are ginning up real-time search engines called OneRiot, Collecta and Topsy that are coming soon to a computer near you. To compete with Twitter's search engine.

There was a time (pun alert) when NY City gave watches to homeless people. The city paid suppliers $6.75 per watch in 2006, nearly twice the rate of past years. Nice thought, but some felt pillows would be more useful starter gifts.


Blog of Ages said...

Addendum: if I were broke and hungry and somebody gave me a watch, I would sell it without a minute of hesitation.

Dan said...

Ever google in long legged Mack Daddy and see what comes up. If a Robin Hood movie were being made today, Obama would be cast as Prince John. The director could pick a supporting cast for Prince John’s court of governmental thieves by any number of Congressmen and Senators.

JohnSBoles said...

So the Reverend Manning rears his head again to speak to those who would hear crap...and believe that it is truth.

Dan, let's cast Dick Cheney as Robin Hood and Shrub as Little Dick. They had no difficulty in taking from the rich, the poor, the lame, the blind, or you and me.

Dan said...

John, Some people think Robin Hood was a hero, but he was still a thief. (Same type of “Crap” spin Rev. Manning spouts out)! The end doesn't always justify the means.
That is not the American way. Why should people take from others that work to earn a living? These people have the same opportunities to succeed.
Don't spread the wealth. We need to create more wealth.
The problem with redistributing the wealth of America is that we have a Capitalist economy, not a Socialist one. And our economy depends on people to work hard and make good money.
Bush administration: teach people how to fish.
Obama administration: pass out fish and then people starve once the fish runs out and they don't know how to live by themselves.

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