Monday, October 19, 2009

The porch changes seasons

The leaves are still snug in their trees but we took the screened porch down this weekend. Had to. Already, we’ve had several snowfalls that cast a chill across the prairie. We had to work fast in between cold snaps. Fast, however, is not a natural state when you are our age. So we took two days.

Putting the porch up and taking it down – one of our fun rituals. It is how we mark the changing of seasons. Our own personal metaphor for the beginning of spring or the colors of autumn. Both seasons, beautiful.

When the screens are gone, the porch feels naked at first. We fix that by stoking a fire in the little chimenea, pulling up our hoodies, and sitting around a bottle of wine. It helps the sun go down. The neighbors understand. They are busy putting up storm windows.

And the squirrels don’t seem to give a damn.


sph said...

I like thinking my sweet memories of that hooded porch are folded away, warm and safe to be let out next spring.

Anonymous said...

Ah, a picture that dwells in my mind of real winter and its delightful (sometimes nasty) smell, sharp feelings and the warmth of a fire.
Squirrels and cats must be related. Bill

Cowtown Pattie said...

Shoot, here in Cowtown, the bugs just get tougher in the winter, and screens are for sissies...


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