Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Screw Facebook; Screw Twitter

Don’t Facebook me on the Internet tubes. I don’t understand Facebook. Nor do I like it.

First off, as a concept, Facebook makes no sense to me. Just fancy email if you ask me.

Today, I got an email that so-and-so wanted to be my friend. Somehow, I wound up on what appeared to be my Facebook page. There was a box on the right that begged to be clicked. Something about relationship, friend and other. There were lots of “others” so I clicked there.

Bingo. Rows and rows of friends. I even knew some of them. I thought they were asking me to be their friend so, not wanting to hurt their feelings, I clicked on oodles and bunches. How nice.

Within minutes, emails began to land indicating that so-and-so “confirms” me as their friend. Wait a minute, buddy. I was confirming you. Who the hell do you think you are, confirming me.

Don’t get me started on Twitter. That’s what we used to call post cards. Try to get 144 thingys on a post card. I still prefer post cards and mailed eight just yesterday.

Forget it. Screw Facebook. Screw Twitter. Screw you.

Everybody except Willie Nelson.


Anonymous said...

GREAT attitude...mine EXACTLY. I hate those things...twitter, facebook..bite me...right on GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!


kenm1001 said...

In 1974 I read Alvin Toffler's "Future Shock," in which he stated that technology is and will continue to change, and at an ever-increasing pace, so that at some point some folks will opt out. I think that's at the point you've arrived, George.

I'm pushing 70 but because I'm starting the new nonprofit investigative reporting operation, I would ignore the social media at my own peril. So I'm learning it...more or less.

Don't have a Facebook page up yet because our website's not ready to launch. But you can follow me on Twitter at (I don't tweet much so you won't be inundated.)

Jeff Hebert said...

Man, three days of winter and he's already getting bitter. I shudder to think what we'll see come November ...

Anonymous said...

Damnit Phenix,
You are getting to be a crotchety old cuss.
Screw Facebook? Screw Twitter?
Next thing you're gonna say you're going back to your manual typewriter!
That said, I gotta say I agree, particularly about Twitter. Who the f**k cares?
Not me.

Anonymous said...

Facebook: Just more evidence of the dumbing down of the population. Black holes of time-wasting games: Farm Life, FarmVille's imaginary farms(and if that ain't enough there's Lil Farm Life), inane Island Paradise, silly Happy Aquariums, Mafia Wars, YoVille... like I care what folks score on those infantile adventures, but I get to see how they are doing anyway.

Then I get requests to be their neighbor of FarmVille and do something so they can move up in the ranking -- anyway, that's what I think that means.

Twitter? Tweet? Sounds way silly but it is one of the 10 most popular websites. Known as a micro-blog, its right up there with text messaging in the WTFAYTA category. IDGI. GHU. --Ira

Cowtown Pattie said...

Are you sure you aren't a Texan?

Ray Wiley Hubbard would have your theme song...

"Screw You, We're From Texas!"

Anonymous said...

I share the sentiment about Facebook. This organization resents transparency about its own financial position when it has been a vanguard of the undermining of privacy for the rest of the online world.

That's right, screw these hippo-critical, fake, self serving punks (yea Zuckerberg, that means you)

Consider if Facebook turns out to be a great IPO - American rank and file investors can't invest in it. It is limited to foreign investors due to the regulatory side stepping done by Goldman Sachs and it "special purpose vehicle" employed to take the thing public.

The afore mentioned critiques are real reasons to hate the buggers.

Anonymous said...

We all know facebook is a liberal forum, and now they apparently do not like what I post against their libs/dems, so they are blocking me. They say I am not following community standards, whatever that is!

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