Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We just returned from Seattle where Julia Talley and Peter Lacy were married in one of the funnest weddings I’ve ever seen. Peter is the Mystery Woman’s son. Everybody, even the mix of exes, had a great time…and it truly was a time for love and hope.

In a way, the event was a victory lap for my 89-year-old mother-in-law, Virginia, who is wrestling with pancreatic cancer. Damned straight she was going to attend the wedding. Damned straight she was going to dance with her grandson. Make that a light Scotch and soda, bartender.

While we were away, Minnesota canceled the Fall season.

There’s nothing like four inches of fresh snow to jump start winter. Canada came calling this week in Minneapolis. Early. And often. Already, we’ve had two snow events and more are on the way.

The first snowfall of the season. And we were like children.

Leaves had not yet left the safety of the trees so nature gave us bonus views of fall colors mixed with fresh scrubbed snow. A soothing palette.

And the perfect ending to a storybook week.


Anonymous said...

I envy your take on the winter scene...I loved that when we lived in Denver and I was in Farragut Idaho...Navy time. The colors and the snow...ahhhhh...beautiful.
What a stunning wedding that must have been. ...the mother-in-law is of the never give up school, obviously.
I will show this to my 16 year old g.d. who has now selected (this month) University of Montana to attend. The thought of snow, outdoors, a river runs through it...and all that. But 35 below might bother her a bit. Have a lovely early winter..miss lyou guys. Bill

Anonymous said...

Well, I never thought Texas boys looked terribly natural in snow, but you look pretty natural. Dont forget us down here. And best thoughts and wishes to your loved ones!

sph said...

Each and every fall leaf I brought back from Minnesota was painstakingly glued onto to twine and they are now hung where we see them as we walk to the house. The Texas heat is unbearable today, if the leaves weren't dead, they would be now. Love the pictures and an 'atta girl' to Va.

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