Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Funny headline goes here

At the Onion, the staff spends the first two days of the week writing the first. Then they write the story to fit the headline. It’s not as easy as it appears. Example: this headline “U.S. Continues Quagmire-Building Effort in Afghanistan” was chosen over “Quick and Painless Overthrow of Taliban Enters Eighth Year.” According to NYTimes writer Eric Konigsberg.

From a pollster for MSNBC on not making too much of today’s election: “As goes Virginia and New Jersey, so goes Virginia and New Jersey.”

According to dictionary.com, the first entry under their definition of rogue is: noun 1. dishonest, knavish person; a scoundrel.

Check out tonight’s production on Nova called “Becoming Human.” It’s not another bone drone says the NYTimes reviewer. After homage to brain size, walking upright and climate change, the program indulges in the most entertaining discussions of public lice as you are likely to encounter.

Seems to me if our design really were intelligent, I wouldn’t have needed all those damned surgeries.


Max Fischer said...

I love THE ONION headlines..."Replay Official Overturns Roe v. Wade" is one from this week. My all time favorite is "Rumsfield Pays Surprise Visit To Wifes' Vagina"

Blog of Ages said...

Go to your room!

Robert Moore said...

Funny, I always thought a Rogue, as a noun is a mutant whose goal is to use any means necessary to inflict the most possible damage to his opposition.
Maybe it’s only the definition in the world of make believe…video games.
“Becoming Mutants” would have been a better title for the Nova production.
Oh, If you missed Diane Sawyer's interview of Al Gore today on Good Morning America, then you missed the former Vice President taking some real heat-- the kind that's not caused by carbon.
Methane was a hot topic as Diane Sawyer eluded to the fact that the amount of methane gas created from cows is "20 times more damaging" than CO2, a direct challenge to the global warming guru. Sawyer then presented Al Gore with a Glenn Beck clip where Beck called out Gore on his meat consumption.
And in the meantime Gore gets richer from his false global warning warning crap.

Blog of Ages said...

Right. Right. And if god had not meant for us to pollute, why else would he give us all that smoke!

ArchGrafiX said...

Public lice? Are they HOMELESS? They should be so hardy and benign as to stay in private places, RID willing.

Anonymous said...

Whaddaya think? A typo maybe?


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