Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Con artist at JFK assassination

I was part of the scrum of reporters covering events outside Parkland Hospital while President Kennedy was dying in a trauma room inside.

Even the reporters were numbed by the news that our president had been shot. But a natural-born con man can take advantage of any situation.

A teenage boy walked up to our milling group of reporters, cops and on-lookers. He was casually flipping a roll of Kodak 125 film into the air, catching it, and flipping it again. Over and over.

“What’cha got, kid?” asked one of the reporters.

“I don’t know,” said the kid. “I was up on a pole taking pictures at the Triple Underpass when Kennedy was shot but I don’t know if I got anything on film.”

A reporter, I think he was from AP, pulled out a hundred dollar bill and bought the film on the spot. Nobody thought the transaction was odd. The odd thing was that a reporter had a hundred bucks on him.

I never saw a photo credit that could have come from a kid on a telephone pole. Did you?


Ken Martin said...

That was one smart kid, I'd say.

The reporter might've blown a hundred bucks, but on the other hand, it would've been worth a career if the film had anything worthwhile. Long shot, sure, but even long shots pay off sometimes.

Blog of Ages said...

The next time I saw the kid, he was Governor of Texas.

Don Roberdeau said...
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Don Roberdeau said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Don Roberdeau said...

....There was a still unknown boy/teen at Parkland who was reported to have captured some photos as JFK was being rushed inside. The SS temporarily confiscated his camera and destroyed his film.

Don Roberdeau said...

....We have known from watching the assassination films captured by Zapruder, Nix, Muchmore, Bronson, Hughes, Wiegman, Bell, Dorman, Paschall, Couch, and Towner, and, in the dozens of immediate before, during, and aftermath DP photos, that there was no known boy up on a pole with a camera near, below, or on top of the triple underpass. (also, there were 5, still, unknown people filming that can be seen in these films and photos, but, none seem to be a boy)

That $100 in 1963 has inflated to nearly $700 in 2008.

How old would you say the boy was?

Would I have paid the $100, given the anxious-driven circumstances?.... If the boy still had a camera with him, AND, it required that same type film he had, AND, he could quickly show me that he knew how to use it.... Maybe, I would have bought the film.... If he did not have the camera, or, he could not operate it, no way.

Did anyone think to ask him what he saw during the actual shots? (that would have been my first question), origins of the shots?, how many shots?, total time from 1st to last shot?, seconds between each shots?, same sounding shots?, smelled gun smoke?, where was he standing?, did he touch or find anything immediately afterwards?, etc., etc.?

Mr. Phenix, Thank You for your blog. When you were waiting at the Trade Mart, and/or immediately after seeing the motorcade rush by with sirens, did you (or a colleague) speak with any Dallas police motorcycleman near his motorcycle?

George Phenix said...

I didn't talk with any of the police that day.

As I have stated many times, I put my money on the findings of the Warren Commission.

Thank you for your interest. Thanks for reading our book.

Don Roberdeau said...

Yes Sir, I read in your book that you support the WC.

How old would you estimate that the boy with the film cannister was? (he may be visible in Parkland films and photos) Was he black, white, hispanic, etc?

Since the boy was claiming he was in DP, did any of your colleagues think to ask him what he saw during the actual shots? (that certainly would have been my first question), the origins of the shots he heard?, how many shots he heard?, total time from 1st to last shot?, seconds between each of the shots? (a very large % have testified and stated that two of the shots were distinctly not quite nearly simultaneous), did the shots, all, sound the same? (a very large % have testified and stated that the 1st sounded very different), did he touch or find anything immediately afterwards?, did he smell gun smoke - as many other known witnesses stated and testified to? (all of whom were located at ground level, exactly 61' to 82' below the WC snipers lair window, and, the wind was documented to be blowing 13+ mph west to east = blowing from the limo front towards limo back = the wind was blowing from the limo towards the WC snipers lair window!), where was he standing?, etc., etc.?

Thank You, Sir.

George Phenix said...

We're talking 46 years ago and I sometimes can't remember to take my heart pills much less what happened so long ago.

I didn't remember the incident until the Nat'l Geographic documentary the other night brought back so many memories. I didn't remember it when we were writing our book.

And I wouldn't recognize the kid even if he were in any Parkland photos. My guess is, he was around 15. If anybody questioned the kid further, either I did not hear it or do not remember it.

Sorry I cannot be of more help. I am convinced he was just a sharp little con artist.

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