Thursday, November 5, 2009

A little salty talk

Claude Levi-Strauss, French intellectual, died recently. He became a famous anthropologist who studied primitive cultures. Cannibals, he suggested, tend to boil their friends and roast their enemies. Sounds a lot like Lyndon Johnson.

Evolution has a tougher time gaining traction in England and Germany than in Muslim countries. But one Pakistani lecturer nearly set off riots when he started talking about the time when the apes first began to stand up. Lineage. It’s all about lineage.

Personal privilege herewith: this month, I celebrate another birthday. It was 71 years (and nine months) ago that I won my first swim meet.

People who study these things now believe air pressure can create landslides under certain conditions. If you live inside the Beltway, move.

Here’s a mouthful: “Velib, Paris’s bicycle rental system, inspired a new urban ethos for the era of climate change.” The bikes cost $3,500 each and 20,600 were put on the streets. Thieves promptly stole 80 percent of the new bikes. That’s the old urban ethos.


Paula said...

Great post, as usual! I've never thought of birth as a swim meet, but it works, doesn't it? Glad you won.

Blog of Ages said...

Yikes. I was nine months off on my little joke but I fixed it.

Ken said...

Only a true-blue Texan could pull off a jab like that at LBJ. Well done. Having worked for Jake Pickle, you sure ought to know.

I think Paula's confused (or I am), as I think you're talking about the moment when sperm met egg, not birth itself. Am I wrong?

I'm in the market for an around town bike to go with my racing bike. Wonder where they're peddling those stolen bikes? (Just kidding, but you have to wonder where they can dispose of so many.)

Blog of Ages said...

Every time I try to get cute, I get into trouble.

You are correct but it was my fault. I got so tickled with myself that I forgot about the necessary gestation.

I fixed it by adding (and 9 months).

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