Monday, November 2, 2009

Mondays make me mad

For three decades, Neil Simon has been the comedy king of Broadway and Hollywood. Not this week. His “Brighton Beach Memoirs” just flopped a week after it opened. Reminder: this is one of his most-produced plays the past 25 years. Broadway analysts think comedy is changing. They say America’s taste in humor these days runs more toward reality shows.
We’re doomed.

Of course Fox News is partisan. And so is MSNBC. One benefit: the audience polarization makes it easier to target your voters during a political campaign. But the national fragmentation is also a hot house for lies, rumors and manipulation. Yet another sign the Apocalypse is nigh. (That’s what Glen Beck tells me during the 10 minutes I can bear watching him slobber, whine and cry. Ten minutes, that’s all I can stomach.)

Which came first—the Republican, the conservative, or the tea bagger? Conventional wisdom was that this summer’s angry tea baggers would be a thorn in the side of Democrats. Only lately have political talking heads begun to realize the Republicans could suffer more. Especially if conservative credentials become a lock-step purity purge, a litmus test. Many gun-toting conservative shouters are intolerant of any dissent other than their own. See: Taliban.

The Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme had to involve SEC officials. Had to. Otherwise, how could the investigators have been so lax in examining the crook’s Wall Street clearinghouse account? Speaking of which, surely there were people working at the clearinghouse who knew it was a house of cards. Did everyone park their ethics at the door – or were they bought off?

As long as I’m on a roll, let’s talk about global warming. Check. I’m a true believer. But proponents went a jillion miles too far when they wrote in the NY Times op-ed piece that eating a hamburger could be the global warming equivalent of driving a Hummer. Pass the ketchup.

The question is: are liberals smarter than conservatives? Here's one answer from the American Enterprise Institute. (Shinola alert.)


Max Fischer said...

well, Tucker Carlson recently lamented that progressive Democrats are nothing but Volvo driving, NPR listening and Whole Food shopping liberals. So I guess that safe, smart and healthy are a bad trifecta these days.

Blog of Ages said...

People who drive Hummers have a name for the Prius. They call it the Pious.

Robert Moore said...

It is obvious that Obama and Fox News Commentators are on opposite sides. But, MSNBC is in bed with Obama (via GE). If you just compare Fox to MSNBC it may be correct that Fox has as much of a conservative biased content as MSNBC has that is liberally biased. But if you add CNN, CNBC and Comedy Cental, the overall drumbeat of liberally biased programming is much heavier. That said, is there an actual “health care debate”? Yes, on Fox. Data shows Fox is actually watched by a more balanced audience than all of it’s competion. I guess if liberals are bent on seeing only one side, no manner of evidential proof will change their minds, but I don’t see why people who criticize Fox cannot see the liberal biases of the majority of left-leaning stations. Is it that they won’t be happy unless they shut out any viewpoints other than their own? The reason I watch more of Fox now, instead of spending the time I used to spend reading the paper or watching the news for information, is because of the indisputable left wing bias of most stations that certainly has prevailed in the last 10 years… and is apparent today. Until Obama manages to control free speech, which he’s working on doing, we need stations like Fox.

JohnSBoles said...

That whirring sound now constant in the background is William F. Buckley, Jr. and Senator Barry Goldwater spinning in their graves. Why? Glenn Beck resonates with some who would be called conservative and are as clueless as he.

Robert Moore said...

John, Glenn Beck on Fox has the affect of a Rodeo Clown, “The Infusing of Entertainment and Enlightenment” at the same time. His ratings for his time period are wiping out all other cable news. Must be “some liberals” out there joining in on listening to what he has tosay…improve his ratings. Personally, after 15 minutes of his histrionics, I have to switch the channel to MSNBC. Just because conservatives watch certain commentators on Fox doesn’t mean they agree with everything they say.
Glenn Beck gives his opinions, though you do nothing but say some conservatives are as clueless as he is. Clueless about What? Want to elaborate or would I be save in saying that “some liberals” who watch Glenn Beck, are clueless.
Btw: 30% of the viewer who watch Fox are Democrats.

JohnSBoles said...

Since you asked, what I said is what I meant. "Glenn Beck resonates with some who would be called conservative and are as clueless as he." Clearly you are not in the population of which I wrote. We could probably have a pleasant conversation given the opportunity. Oh, and I do believe that Buckley and Goldwater would be concerned about Beck's appeal.

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