Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dick Cheney in the rear view mirror

Dick Cheney should be arrested. If not treason, for loitering. He is no longer vice mayor of Potemkin Village.

When Vladivostok's businesspeople and bureaucrats show up to work at 9 a.m., their colleagues in Moscow are sound asleep—it's 2 a.m. there. Eleven time zones between the two Russian cities.

Biggest retailer of organic groceries? Move to the head of the class if you said Wal-Mart.

Back in the 1980s, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey said to a reporter,” The union is like having herpes. It doesn’t kill you, but it’s unpleasant and inconvenient, and it stops a lot of people from becoming your lover.”

How lonesome are Minnesotans for good news about the weather? The TV studio erupted in spontaneous applause when the weather dude exclaimed, “We’ve gained two minutes of sunlight since the winter solstice.” Applause. Seriously.

How do you send your mailman a post card?

Rising levels of carbon dioxide are making the oceans louder. It helps sound travel farther, increases background noise underwater. Could make the dolphins go deaf.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Cheney keeps running his head after his 15 minutes of fame expired, while W keeps quiet in his Dallas Dacha. I also wonder why Scott McClellan wasn't invited to appear as a Texas author at Laura Bush's annual Texas Book Fair in Austin this year. Just wondering in Austin.

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