Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hey -- this is Minnesota

I gotta go shovel the front walk. Third or fourth time this year already.

“Decorative,” that’s what one weatherman called the light snow that fell overnight. Apt. Very apt. The fresh powder covered all the road grunge and gave the squirrels a new canvass to practice their abstract art. Decorative. Yes.

Winter can look industrialized after just a few days since the last snow. Driving is safe, just ugly.

Another light snow fell while we were sleeping. More snow is predicted for the next five days. A big storm is chugging in from the west coast and will partner up with cold air from Anchorage. One to two feet of snow possible. Winter storm warnings are blasted in orange on local TV. One local station has weather on three channels via cable. They are damned serious about weather in Minnesota.

The Star-Tribune quotes veteran Meteorologist Paul Douglas saying “this could be the snowiest Christmas for Minnesota in 30 years.”

However, he says he wants to see one or two more computer models before he starts screaming, “Run, George, run!”


Ken said...

George, I still think you ought to hire a kid to shovel your share of the snow. That would be pretty cheap health insurance if you ask me (not that you did).

Blog of Ages said...

You are absolutely correct. With my age, medical history, etc. I don't need to hurry the inevitable with a loaded snow shovel.

In truth, I only scrape the sidewalks when it is light snow. For the heavy stuff, we found a guy from the Minneapolis Council of Churches who is willing to give a hand to seniors.

He's a true gift.

Paula said...

I hope you've discovered the back-saver shovels, but the best shovel is the one used by the guy willing to shovel for you.

Anonymous said...


the kid I hired to shovel while we are gone is not much taller than the projected snowfall. Phil

Anonymous said...

George... I'm wearing shorts as I type this and I ran the air conditioner in my car on the way back from Louisiana today. Had a wonderful visit with Annie and Jeff at Pappadeaux in Beaumont. Even though they got the order wrong in every way imaginable, the company was wonderful! Be safe! -- Denise

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