Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow angels and training wheels

Snow has begun to dust our block in the neighborhood. Fortunately, the Mystery Woman provides the training wheels for this, my first Big Winter. She’s a veteran of loading children on the Minneapolis public school bus. Thirty-one years without losing a single kid.

This morning, the Mystery Woman took one look out the window, put on her ho-ho-ho big red coat and headed for the grocery. We need some emergency back-up chocolate.

To the south, a serious blizzard is forecast. Up here, cold stiff winds and drifting snow. But nothing as critical as what they are expecting in Nebraska and Iowa. In our neighborhood, people are still walking their dogs and riding bikes through light snow flurries and below freezing temps. Apparently, testosterone doesn't freeze.

But there’s an unspoken sense of urgency.

Thanks to the Mystery Woman, we’re ready. The kitchen is stocked with soup, chili, and chocolate. Firewood is stacked two steps from the door. Furnace checked. Emergency bag in the van. The Christmas tree is up, ditto outdoor decorations, and Friday we mailed all the Christmas presents. Soon, you can smell the turkey in the oven. She even found some hand-made, authentic tamales for stuffing. Hug the children and the grandchildren for us. Time for some holiday music and that roasted chestnut thing.

Best training wheels ever. Clink.


Anonymous said...

Ah...sounds wonderful...actually wish we were there. There is light rain, chilly and then up to 72 in a day or two. So I who like snow and stuff envy you...and your description is a Rockwell in type. Bill

Jeff Hebert said...

Wow, two classic lines in one post:

"Apparently, testosterone doesn't freeze" and "We need some emergency back up chocolate."

Well done, sir! This weather might just bring out the best in you, who'd'a thunk it?

Blog of Ages said...

Actually, I stole the emergency back-up line from you when you were describing Bitsy as the emergency back-up dachshund after little Bella died. However, I will take credit for the testosterone.

sph said...

This post makes my cold toes warm, almost. Wish we were there for just a little while, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Mighty sweet writing. You warm our hearts.

Hug the Mystery Woman for us, and stay snug in the blizzard. Bob

Paula said...

Ah, glad you have someone who knows what she's doing, taking good care of you. Nothing more pitiful than a fish out of water, Texan out of dry, windy, scorching heat, etc.
We got a nice dusting (2-4)Sunday. Today, some serious layers will begin to build. Think of snow as a down blanket that never pulls up at the toes. We'll be tucked in for quite some time, now.

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