Monday, December 21, 2009

The problem with pigs...

Last spring the government in Cairo got a bright idea to combat swine flu – they would kill all their pigs. And so they did. In no time at all their streets were over-run with garbage. Amuck in organic waste.

Certain Buddhist sects tear down their temples every 20 years and then rebuild them over the same spot. Was Sisyphus a Buddhist?

Letterman and Leno were once on the same team. Both wrote for the Comedy Store. In the 70’s,

Laredo, Texas, no longer has a bookstore. Safety first? According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission more than 10,000 injuries were caused by books, magazine, albums and scrapbooks. Plus another 9,000 were caused by toothpicks. Hors d’oeuvrs anyone?

Next time you are at a dinner party of ten, just know that “twenty percent of the American dining public are socially maladjusted psychopaths.” So claims Steve Dublanica. He's biased; he’s a waiter.

Poop spelled inside out is oppo.

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