Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deborah Howell -- In Memoriam

Thank you to John Camp, James Lileks, Pamela Miller and Vince Tuss, Jeremy Olson, Elizabeth Mohr and Christopher Snowbeck, Tim McGuire, Jeff Jarvis, Ken Doctor, Jacqui Banaszynski, Jim Romenesko, Andrew Alexander, Michael Alison Chandler, Michael Cavna, Matt Schudel, Joel Achenbach, David Carr, Kevin Hoffman, West Virginia University President James P. Clements, John MacCormack, Carl M. Cannon, Karen Tumulty, Foster Kamer, Tim Nelson, Bob Collins, Michael Calderone, Katherine Lanpher, John Abell, John Lacy, Steven A. Smith, Sarah Coppola, Joel Kramer, editorial writer for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, the Associated Press, Wikipedia, other posts, comments and tweets too numerous to mention.

You all have written in the past 48 hours or so about the life and death of our old and dear friend, Deborah Howell, and the contributions she made to journalism and to the lives of all who met her.

Good bye, Deb. We love you.

George and LE

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Anonymous said...

Yet another reminder of how much we take people for granted while they are with us and it hurts so much when they are suddenly gone.

She used to red pen edit my mock sports stories when I was in high school, certain that I would go on to become a sportswriter. She got me a job in the sports dept at the St. Paul Pioneer Press at a time when I had no real business assuming such a post. She did it for me because that's what family does.

She was always there for me and my brother and my sister. Though I only saw Debbie every few years it was always a comfort to know she was out there, pulling for me, pulling for all of us. The way family does. While she was a juggernaut in her chosen field, it always felt satisfying that she had such admiration for and loyalty to my mother. They were birds of a feather and I felt fortunate to be a part of that flock.

I am so thankful and blessed to have had a couple of very thoughtful and meaningful conversations with Debbie in Oct. of this past year up in Seattle. Now they will have to sustain me. What struck me was a comment she made about enjoying something I had written - it felt so good to have her approval. And that is what I'm going to miss most I think, having another parent figure out there in the world whose opinion and approval motivates me to do better and be better.

Thanks for being a rock and a friend and a person of integrity. Thanks for being family. You are already missed in a big way. God bless you, Debbie.


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