Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gumby is in Heaven Now

This just in: Gumby was Episcopalian. His creator, Art Clokey, once attended seminary but left before graduating. Clokey died recently. Both Howdy Doody and Eddie Murphy ("I'm Gumby, dammit" on SNL) had a hand in making the clay stop-motion star famous.

Raise you hand if you knew a B-25 hit the Empire State Building in 1945.

A new study shows there are more places to go for news but less news to find there. And most of the actual reporting still comes from newspapers. That’s where I stole this bit -- from the NY Times.

Phyllis Diller, age 90, says “the best contraception for old people is nudity.”

Rule of thumb: one hundred and fifty stitches are required for every second of contact between a chain saw blade and human skin. No pun intended.

Two local Minneapolis guys were hungry, it was lunch time and they knew Uptown parking would be scarce. What to do? They solved their hunger rumbles by each flying his single-engine plane to Lake Calhoun and landing on the ice smack in the middle of the city. Lunch was a short walk across the lake. The adventure got them into hot water. Park police issued both pilots tickets. No permit. No kidding.

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Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, my first thought upon hearing a plane hit a building in New York on 9-11 was that of the B-25 crash into the Empire State building. Guess that dates me...although unlike the newest addition to FOX News I know there is a North and a South Korea and know the reason why.

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