Friday, January 1, 2010

True tales from the north

Forgive me for being preoccupied with the weather. But in Minnesota, if you aren’t, there’s a good chance you’ll die.

In fact, the other night the TV weatherman said it was going to get so cold that “every living thing outside was going to die.” That’s a direct quote; these folks are tough.

Then he gave today’s forecast: high around four, five or six. When it’s that cold, does it really matter? And lows in the neighborhood of minus 15. Whoa, bud. That’s my neighborhood.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune carried an item this morning about the number people (12) needing fingers (plural) re-attached after losing a tussle with the snow-blower machine. I would not joke about something like this.

In closing, herewith is the actual conversation with the Mystery Woman this morning:

“What degree is it?” she asked from the top of the stairs.

“One,” I said.

“That’s not enough,” she pronounced. And went back to bed.


Anonymous said...

she's smarter than you are

Ross said...

This is how Groundhog Day started....

Anonymous said...

Now the question is if one is not enough, Is Eight Enough?

Ken Martin said...

That's just *too* damn cold, George, *too* damn cold.

But we have friends in Fairbanks, Alaska. The high today was minus 22, the low minus 34.

Someone, somewhere, always has it worse than we do, and in my case, you do. You have my sympathy.

Paula said...

This might not be the best time to reread "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich."
Please think warm and keep those fluid posts coming. They give big hearty (dare I say, warm?) chuckles to the rest of us.

Blog of Ages said...

After reading that book, I just couldn't eat fish eye soup again.

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