Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two faces of politics

Please excuse the absence. We had some personal sadness to deal with. A good friend is making repeated trips to the hospital. Another was killed when she was struck by a car while vacationing in New Zealand. Out of town friends and relatives occupied our memories. Frankly, I just didn’t feel like writing. But gradually, the warmth of old, old friendships helped us find the joy behind the sadness. And that’s what our lost friend would want. Hell, she would have demanded it.

So here goes.

Did you catch the stunning Obama speech on TV? Not the State of the Union, although it was pretty good. But his debate with the Republican caucus was high political drama. How many people do you know who have the political spine to stand alone in front of 140 people who oppose the ground you walk on? Better still, how many would insist that the TV cameras keep rolling? Clearly, President Obama was the smartest guy in the room. And he continues to try to break the terrible partisan logjam that is Washington. CSPAN will repeat the 80 minute program. Worth watching. Five stars.

Have you been following the other drama flurrying around next week’s Tea Party Convention. Two wingnut heroes of the movement — Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) — have withdrawn as speakers while supporters hint something is scammy. Sarah Palin, however, is still on board to get her hundred grand for keynoting. She is calling for the Tea Baggers and the Republicans to merge. But Palin came under Tea Party fire herself – for supporting John McCain in his senate re-election bid. Can you spell litmus? Can you draw a circular firing squad?

In closing, the obvious: It’s damn cold in Minnesota this time of year.


Blog of Ages said...

Obama in the lions den.

“The whole thing basically went like [this],” Mike Madden wrote at Salon. “Republican asks obnoxious question rooted in Glenn Beck-ian talking points; Obama swats it away, makes the questioner look silly, and then smiles at the end. It got so bad, in fact, that Fox News cut away from the event before it was over.”

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back. Sorry about your losses. But good friends always make tough journeys bearable. -- Denise

barry knister said...

Your comments on Obama's handy management of his enemies (what else can they be called?) express my own views exactly. At last, the president has used his remarkable gifts in a way that is unanswerable by his critics. Thank you for telling us about Fox News censoring the President by shutting down his presentation. Since I don't watch Fox or much else, I didn't know about this. Americans want leadership--that's why Obama was elected: people sensed in him a true leader. If he will now follow through, things can get better.

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