Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Believe it -- or not

As we age, many of us examine our belief systems. Herewith, my keystones:

Ken Starr has been hired as president of Baylor University. He will live out his days in Waco, Texas. OK. Now I believe in Hell.

The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times, both very conservative publications, printed breath-taking pieces exposing Republican house and senate members as hypocrites for voting against the stimulus bill – and then trying to take credit for getting home state project money. Now I believe in miracles.

Dick Cheney goes on national TV again to claim the Obama administration is soft on terror. Now I believe in Ground Hog Day.

Sarah Palin continues to bash Rahm Emanuel and Fox’s Family Guy cartoon show for using the r-word. You go, girl. Seriously. But she loses all credibility when she lets Rush Limbaugh use the r-word repeatedly because it is “satire.” Now I believe in Steven Colbert. Look it up.

The Tea Party tries to convince us they are mainstream despite their birthers, truthers, John Birchers, etc. I believe one-third of Americans are nuts. Too much gluten?

The majority of Americans don’t think the president deserves a second term. I don’t believe how quickly Obama lost support.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what about the dinosaurs, what do you believe about the dinosaurs?

They are asking the wrong people, I want somebody to ask Rick Perry if he really believes Noah live 600 years and built the Ark by himself or if he just wants to be governor that long.

Ken said...

Great stuff, George. You the man!

By the way, did you catch the long piece in yesterday's NYTimes online edition about the Tea Party et al? Really informative, covering groups coast to coast: "Tea Party Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right" by David Barstow.

Escaped Waco Alive said...

Kenneth "Death" Starr announced today that the first order of business as president of Baylor will be the adoption of a new name...henceforth, it will be known as The University of Bob Jones at Waco. "Hook 'em, Pitchforks!" Between us, the ChildBride and I have four degrees from Baylor. The wall where the diplomas have been for years proudly displayed now looks awfully bare. Truly, it must be the end time a comin'.

Anonymous said...

Even as a native Texan, I would choose Malibu over Waco as a place to live. However, if a doctor told me I had but a year to live, I would choose Waco. The reason? To live a year in Waco would seem like an eternity.

Nance said...

So glad I discovered BofA; in this political climate, I need all the friends I can get. I read the NYTimes piece describing the origins and character of the Tea Party and I just didn't sleep as soundly last night. It is scary out there! As for how quickly Obama lost support, seems like that started the day after the election! One minute we're all proud of our nation for getting past its slavery roots and the next we're inundated with racists and fools. What the french?!

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear...and that third is as ingnorant as a Minnesota r wherever. Now your blood pressure would have to be curtailed as your former governor Perry is suing the EPA for trying to have Texas clean up the air...because they used tainted science. A tainted brain should know one. Bill

Paula said...

I hope you read the cover story of last Sunday's NYT Magazine, all about Texas and history textbooks. I haven't slept well since. Since they can't get what they want now, they plan to (mis)educate our grandchildren so they'll get it later.

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