Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Governor Farouk Shami of Texas

Even for Texas, this guy Farouk Shami is a stretch. He’s a rich Palestinian hair dresser from Houston who hires lots of lawyers, wears lots of red boots and is running for Governor of Texas. Farouk says rather than live in the Governor’s Mansion, he would turn it into an orphanage. That’s too easy. The mansion already has a history of housing some real bastards. Some with good hair.

Thirty-five minutes per day. That’s how much time we hard copy subscribers spend reading the New York Times. (Slower, if you move your lips.) But e-visitors spend only 34 minutes a month reading on screen. Correspondingly, advertisers spend only one-tenth online of what they spend in print.

Still, there are lots of hits every day – over 1.3 billion pages are viewed before sunset. That generates at least $51 million in daily advertising throughout the Web. It is said that over 700,000 people make a living on eBay.

Forget the baseball bat. Wasp spray is the better home protection. Most cans have a range of 20-to-30 foot and the stuff blinds the attacker until he can get to a hospital. Keep a can near the bed -- away from the electric blanket.

Researchers at the University of Sunderland and Durham University have developed a whimsical looking "prototype cognitive helmet" that "bathes the brain with infra-red light and stimulates the growth of brain cells. Its creators believe it could reverse the symptoms of dementia - such as memory loss and anxiety - after only four weeks. Hope so. Sounds far-fetched to be true.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how web-sites post information like this without first checking into these claims. Here is a little food for thought. There are approximately 40,000 law enforcement agencies within the United States. Not a single one of them carry WASP spray. They carry pepper spray. Pepper spray can fire up to 35 feet and covers a much wider area than a WASP spray does. WASP sprays kill insects while some pepper sprays can deter an attacking grizzly bear. Pepper spray works as an inflammatory agent which means it will work on those which cannot feel pain. Pepper spray has been used for 2 decades by law enforcement. Do your homework before this advice gets you seriously injured or killed.
A can of home defense pepper spray is 20 bucks- recommend that to your readers..please.

Blog of Ages said...

Don't take my word for it. Check it out at Snopes:


Nichole said...

Snopes doesn't state whether the story is true or false...it classifies the story as "Mixture." Which means, they don't really know what to make of this.

Here's some facts though:
It's a violation of Federal Law to use WASP spray, a registered pesticide, in this manner. This is why police departments use pepper spray and not WASP spray. Don't believe me? Call a WASP spray manufacturer and not a single one of them will recommend you use their product in this fashion because its a violation of federal law. The CHEMICALS in WASP spray can cause permanent eye injury. Have kids in your house?

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