Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kick the ball, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown in Winter. That’s me.

I fall for winter’s spell every time. I always pause to soak in the beauty and the quiet. Hot chocolate, oatmeal and three-alarm chili. I feel so good I forgive the children.

Falling snow just makes you feel good. Fresh powder covers lots of ugly. At first, I forget the grey-to-black ice-iron that snow plows sculpt along the curbs. And I forget the real danger to anything that moves on the streets (200 wrecks yesterday morning).

I know better, but I have to test each fresh snow with a short walk. Short because it’s so damned cold and the wind chill hurts through the muffler. Six-degree weather is probably hard on my pacemaker battery. But pretty, very pretty.

Careful. You’ll bust your tokus. Just ask Charlie Brown.


Blog of Ages said...
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Blog of Ages said...

Note: Charlie Brown is probably from Minnesota. His creator, Charles Schulz was. Ergo, Lucy's birthplace, too.

Barry and Barbara Knister said...

"Six-degree weather is probably hard on my pacemaker battery."
I would think so. Detroit automakers still can't figure out how to solve cold-weather problems related to electric cars. But considering how many other problems they couldn't solve, this is not surprising.
I don't know whether to admire your winter-season spunk or quietly arrange with your family to set up an intervention. I am from the Detroit area, so I could hardly fail to appreciate what you mean about snow concealing a lot of ugly.
Even so, after six decades of Michigan winters, the downside eventually buried the beauty, charm, downy quiet at night, etc. Give me Michigan (or Minnesota, or Wisconsin et al) any spring, summer or--especially--fall. But come those leaden skies of November, it's time to load the van, saddle up and mosey down to where battery life is remarkable.
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