Friday, February 19, 2010

Noah said there would be springs like this

Are you kidding me? After the snow, we worry about floods?

I just heard on the weather report there’s a 90% chance the Mississippi will flood in the St. Paul area this spring. We live in the St. Paul area. Where’s the bicycle pump? Water wings?

The Mystery Woman says I’m to calm down. The Big River does not flood our neighborhood, she says. Instead, she explains patiently, frozen storm drains flood our neighborhood.

It all depends upon the weather the next few weeks. If it warms too fast, the snowpack melts before the river can run it off. Worse, for months the river has been covered bank to bank with ice. It's thick in places. As it breaks, the ice could pile up under bridges creating frozen dams on the river.
Don't sunbathe too early.

I was just beginning to warm up to spring. The temps rose to the mid-30s this week. The icicles, albeit five feet long, began to melt. In places, you could even see the sidewalk.

Actually, I’ve rather enjoyed my first real winter. And I don’t think I’ve complained too, too. But now floods?

Today, I also learned about the new breed of Asian mosquito they discovered in the area. The big, mean one that doesn’t die in winter. Obviously, the sucker can swim, too.

Texas rattlesnakes in the weeds and scorpions in your boots are looking more and more like the lesser of several evils. I can outrun both.

Yes, barefoot.


Blog of Ages said...

Paul Douglas is the A-team weatherman up here. This is part of what he wrote in his Saturday column for the Minneapolis Star:

It's been estimated that closing down the federal government costs $100 million a DAY. Cities from Dallas to Memphis to Baltimore (80" and counting) have no money left for snow removal. New York City spends $1 million for every INCH of snow that falls. According to weather intelligence company, Planalytics, a rough back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests the recent snowy paralysis cost the USA $36-39 billion

Locally 40.6" has fallen at MSP so far this winter, 16" on the ground; we've had at least 6" on the ground for 66 days now.

Nance said...

I liked Thomas Friedman's "Global Weirding" article in NYTimes When it comes to climate change, you can run, but you can't hide.

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