Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow stories

The outside thermometer was resting at zero when I got up this morning. But they say it’s going to turn cold later.

Last night was a squeaker. I drove the Mystery Woman downtown to her class on creative writing. When I returned to pick her up a couple hours later, the sun had gone down. Everything looks different in the dark. You guessed. I got lost. But she talked me in on the seldom-used cell phone. Don’t worry the children. I had a full tank. She was near food and shelter.

Minneapolis does a good job on snow removal. It was cold but the roads were clear and drivers who knew where they were going were driving at normal speeds.

Ironically, the most dangerous part of all trips is our back alley. Snow plows shove the stuff to the side but, in the process, the snow is compacted into ice. Make that ice with ruts. Hardest part is getting out of the garage. Sometimes the backing turn gets tricky and the wheels spin. However, once you get squared away, the wheels settle into ruts that are so deep you can actually take your hands off the steering wheel and finish your beer.

When is Spring Break?

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