Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taken out of context? Of course.

Writing about the Conservative Political Action Conference, NY Times columnist Gail Collins observed: “It’s civil war déjà vu.”

Mario Rubio, Tea Party honey of a candidate, slammed Obama’s use of teleprompters – while paying attention to two teleprompters clearly visible in front of him.

Writing in the Washington Post, E. J.Dionne, Jr. says, “Moderate and progressive Democrats alike have eight months before this fall's elections to change the terms of the debate and prove they can govern. Otherwise, they'll be washed out by a tidal wave.”

“I’ve had more epiphanies than anyone should ever be allowed to have. I’ve had as much pudding as epiphanies,” Says fat-comedian-trying-to-be-thin Jeff Garlin.

“I’ve got this,” said Olympic ski champ Lindsey Vonn to her husband, Thomas, just before working her way through pain and nerves to win the gold medal at Vancouver. “I’ve got this.”


Nance said...

Help me with this: I heard Dick Cheney addressing the CPAC, giving what sounded like a keynote speech cheering and egging on their agenda...right after hearing quotes from various young conservative attendees stating that the Republican Party, especially as represented by the last administration, had failed their truly conservative members entirely.

Paula said...

A guy slams a plane into an office building to protest his treatment by the IRS. Cheney fans the flames of revolution. Are these the ultimate oxymorons, or what? Have we lost our collective minds? Or did we have any brains in the first place? I can't believe what I see and hear around me, and, trust me, I've seen plenty of stupid things.

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