Monday, February 15, 2010

Tea Party vanguard rumbles with old guard

The Tea Party people keep saying it is not a political party.

And I keep calling BS on that notion.

They are acting like a political party, taking positions on various issues, fielding candidates who gnash the loudest, and raising money for who knows what. Quacks like a duck.

Now comes news that the Tea Party is trying to take over the Republican Party one precinct at a time. Across the country, activists are teaching the faithful how to run for precinct offices. The plan is already unfolding in several states: Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina, Ohio, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. These people have every right to try. Just drop the charade about being a “movement not a party.” Hooey. Even your own people with tea bags hanging from their hats and misspelled signs aren’t that gullible. When the vanguard takes over the old guard, it becomes a political party, right?

Granted, there are some damned strange political dynamics at work. And new technologies in play make it easier to draw a crowd, raise money, step in the dogma. Too many wanna-be king-makers making castles in the air. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin come to mind. And that racist fool, Tom Tancredo.

News flash: Sarah Palin is an elitist. Proof? Look at her National Tea Party audience. Predominantly white. Above average income. And all that hooey about using her $100,000+ speaking fee for the cause -- why not just waive the fee instead of laundering the money?

I know. If you are “right” brained, this does not resonate. And if you are “left” brained, this doesn’t go far enough. Keep trying. It would be better if we could meet in the middle.

We'll see, but I'm skeptical.


Anonymous said...

Like the "Christian Activist" who ran for school boards so they could change the curriculum of schools from evolution to nothing. Bill

Barry and Barbara Knister said...

Of course you have to know that every time a blogger or anyone else gives electrons to S.P., he or she is working for her. Serving her cause. Use initials, or oblique references. Repeating proper nouns just lends to those proper nouns more significance.
And: it is well past time for Democrats to take a page from the Republican playbook. That page says using reason and facts to support a position is a fool's game. Reason and facts are needed in order to formulate policies that will serve the country, but they have no chance if pitched in rational terms. Until this lesson is learned, the Republicans will go right on winning with a minority.
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Barry Knister

Nance said...

The Teabaggers won't have to try very hard in South Carolina, I fear. It's a scary place to be a liberal these days, but I don't think we should entirely abandon the place to the the enemy, so we're trying to hold on. We're feeling a little surrounded down here though. What was that old Warren Zevon song?..."Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money."

Paula said...

You may recall an earlier time when it was a given that the country was about to fall to revolutionaries. I remember it well and you surely do too, since we were both in DC at the time. It was another case of fervor over reason, as the Knisters so beautifully pointed out. And, it came to naught. See for a few shots I took of those "revolutionaries." They're probably all retired hedge fund managers by now.

Barry and Barbara Knister said...

I'm sure you're right, but I'm not so sure you can "abandon" South Carolina to the enemy when the odds are that no real fight can take place. Unlike old soldiers (according to General Douglas MacArthur) who never die,but just fade away, old wars don't seem to die or fade away. The animosity just goes into cryogenic suspension until the moment is right. That moment has come. With its foreign auto plants granted huge tax breaks, and its none a' yur commie labor unions down here, boy" point of view (and the demographic shift in their favor), we see the Joe Bobs and Bubbas gettin' into payback mode. Yessirree.

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