Friday, February 5, 2010

This fluorescent dog walks into a bar...

Hen fever can mean many things, I suppose. But in the late 1800s, there was money to be made in eggs. Especially eggs from the Cochin chickens, which were said to weigh as much as a pound. A nesting pair sold for the outrageous sum of $700, about ten thousand percent more than what chickens usually sold for. Remember the Emu craze?

In 1993, Texas had 83 little towns with six-man football teams. Today, there are about 125 tiny burgs. For a fun read, check out Carlton Stowers book about six-man football: Where Dreams Die Hard. In honor of the Super Bowl, sorta.

Ruppy is a real dog. And he really glows in the dark thanks to transgenics. The pup has genes transplanted from a sea anemone which makes him look like a red fluorescent hound. Somehow, that’s going to be helpful in medical research.

Cows with names give more milk. About six percent more. That’s the research conclusion of a study in England. Apparently humans who will name a cow will also treat the cow better. Calm cows give more milk.
Meet Marilyn.

Old joke but true story. A bear expert was lecturing a bicycle tour group about safety. Someone asked about using pepper spray as a deterrent. The expert answered by explaining you could identify bear scat on the trail by the faint aroma of pepper.

Breaking news: It is snowing again in Minneapolis.


Paula said...

RE: Ruppy ... glows in the dark thanks to transgenics.

Obviously you're not a scientist or you'd know the advantage of transgenic flouresence is it helps a lab tech find Ruppy's cage quicker for the morning clean up.

Barry and Barbara Knister said...

In the matter of Ruppy:
The third section of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels concerns an airborne island populated by scientists. These researchers are so caught up in their projects that they must each be accompanied by a flapper. This man carries an inflated pig's bladder. When his scientist becomes dangerously lost in thought, the flapper bats him in the face with the bladder. I would like to be the flapper for Ruppy's inventor. With one change: the pig's bladder would be replaced by sand wedge.
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