Friday, February 26, 2010

Time travel and big hair

Yes. Time travel is possible. “Yesterday I went to the future and here I am. Physicist Sean Carroll

The laws of physics are not local. Me. I said that.

“Big Hair Gets You Closer to God” is an original composition written by Larry Hart with some cowbell playing by his mother, Toni, a former evangelical preacher and gospel singer.

“To the uninitiated, the game (curling) seems like horseshoes combined with housekeeping.” Eric Dash in the NY Times

New York is dotted with smoke-easies – clubs that are red velvet, dim lights and legal ashtrays. At the top end, seven clubby tobacco bars offer a furtive respite. At the lower level, the bartender just slides an ashtray your way. “It smells really bad,” said a lady who lives across the street from one.


Ken said...

Re: the laws of physics are not local: One of the 19 members of our upstart Austin Investigative Reporting Team posted this to our discussion board, a link to a 9 minute video that's been seen by nearly 2 million people on YouTube. It should clarify without a doubt where you should stand on the issue of global climate change:

Anonymous said...

I must be very close to GOD then, I definately have big hair.
More so yesterday than today.

Anonymous said...

everyone travels in time. it is the going back and forth which is sci-fi. i have been stuck in forward a long time and it is accelerating!


Jeff Hebert said...

Man to his wife: "You should love curling, it's the only sport that combines sweeping with cursing, and you do that all the time!"

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