Monday, February 1, 2010

Want buns of steel?

Sub-freezing weather, apparently no problem for hearty Minnesota bicycle riders. Sub-zero thins the herd.

Worth the boost? Battery-powered bikes reach speeds up to 30 mph. Green, yes. Safe, doubtful. At that speed, electric bikes are twice as fast as most leisure riders. Should they ride in bike lanes?

There’s a dude in California who makes a school bus out of bamboo. Actually, it’s a seven-place bicycle and everybody has to pedal, but it is made of bamboo, which grows on every continent. Perfect for developing nations. No, silly, they don't make them out of hemp.

In 1896, a division of Buffalo Soldiers rode bicycles from Missoula, Montana, to Yellowstone – and back. That’s 800 miles on rudimentary bikes.

The first Tour de France Cycliste was a mad dash of 1,509 miles spread over six days. The year was 1903.

If you are young, you roll dehydrated, sore, cramping. If you are older, you cruise on a friendlier bike. Either way, on the bike, we find solace, clarity, perspective. A mental re-boot. And we are healthier for it. Saddle up.


Ken said...

I love to ride my bicycle, too, George, but I'm among the thinned herd when it comes to cold weather, which compared to Minneapolis Austin's a wimp, too. I do well to force myself out, as I did this morning, when it's 37 degrees to jog with my dog.

As for the Tour de France, when the organizers first included mountain stages, the riders who made it to the top yelled, "You murderers!"

Paula said...

Sounds like fun, George, but not until the snowpack clears. Even at 10 mph, bicycling lowers the wind chill substantially. Would definitely thin the herd, however.

Anonymous said...

(My cat is stretched out in front of my keyboard) Remembering Bikes\Couple of my buddies and I would ride from our neighborhood in to downtown Muskogee to the movies. About three miles. No one ever bothered our bikes.
One trip we were racing to go over the little hill that led into chain came off and i bounced across two blocks of front lawns, across a street and thought I would die
Then we managed a beautiful Schwinn black bike with a headlight and longhorn handles. KMust have ridden that 10,000 miles. Ah bikes. (and Trains) B.

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